Naming Your Children

Every now and then we are not so, so busy at the office first thing in the morning and I actually get to listen to the morning radio show.  Usually it bores the crap out of me and I tune out as I go about my daily paper work and reports but today they were talking about the how and why of people naming their children.

This has always been a topic that fascinated me, long before I had children.  My early writing journals are filled with name lists and character descriptions based on random names.  As well as musings on what I would name my future children.  Said children, my daughter especially, should be glad I was not a teenage mother. 

She would have had a slightly less 'tolerable' name to say the least.  I do believe I went through a phase where I wanted to name my future daughter Destiny.  Although I doubt it would phase her at this point, the kid has some questionable nicknames and answers to pretty much anything.  I as her mother tend to call her Mittens the kitten as she loves to pretend to be a cat.  Which is occasionally just shortened to Mittens.  Cruel I know but can you see it when she it is a teenager? 

"Why does your mom call you Mittens?"

Exasperated sigh, "Just don't ask okay...especially not her."

Me (because I have supersonic mom hearing) "Pull up a chair, get comfortable,"  grabbing the album of pictures of her in tutus and the Hello Kitty ears I made her that she wears at the weirdest times.  "Let me show you."

Cat, turning bright red, "MOM!"

"Think of the pictures I have of your brother."

Ah...the very thought of it, of course I'm sure I would be much nicer or wait until they are older and understood how adorable those pictures are.  Like when my parents pull them out now and it's "wow I can't believe all the hair."   "Or what were you thinking when you bought me those glasses."

Meanwhile, this post has gotten just a little off topic but you have to understand...this is how my train of thought goes.  Well, sort of...this was actually rather focused for me. 

How did your kids get their names?  Or nicknames?


  1. My oldest, we call gege or geda. When he was 2-3 years old he could not say his name and would say gege. We still call him that years later. My youngest we call Tado. His name is Mateo. Once again, it's from my other kids not being able to say his name.

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