Fall How I Love Thee (or Finally Wearing The Boots I Bought In August)

As my boss was not going to be in the office today I saw it as the perfect oppurtunity to wear the oh so gorgeous boots that I bought in August. 

The boots

One of my absolutely favorite things about fall is that it gives me a chance to wear the boots from my perhaps a shade too large boot collection.  That makes me happy on the inside and really on the outside as well.  One doesn't exactly pair boots like that with yoga pants.  (not that I wear yoga pants to work, my boss would hit the roof)

When I was dropping the kids off at daycare I had the following conversation with one of the other moms. 

       "Nice shoes, do they make your feet hurt?"




Okay, so it wasn't really much of a conversation but I was pre-coffee and just grateful that Cat wasn't having a major meltdown about being left this morning.  But it did occur to me later that as this is my first time wearing them they should be hurting my feet at least a little, for all I know they may kill later but for the moment I am in too much pain every where else from my current insanity to feel it. 

I am leaving to go on vacation in a little over five weeks and for some inane reason I decided that I was not happy with how I looked in the bathing suit (er suits) that I just bought.  So I decided to kick up my work out routine a notch or two.  Which is not the most comfortable feeling at the moment. 

It's not terrible though, when I first started working out after I had my daughter I had days when I wanted to cry every time I moved.  That was actual pain.  This is just mild discomfort.  Except that area I wish I could call my abs...that actually hurts.  

Le sigh!  Next vacation I am so going somewhere I can wear jeans and a jacket and cute boots.  I mean it's fall right? 


  1. Thanks, they were an impluse buy (planning ahead) but I am fond of them so far. Hard to find things to match the color though.

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