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Fall How I Love Thee (or Finally Wearing The Boots I Bought In August)

As my boss was not going to be in the office today I saw it as the perfect oppurtunity to wear the oh so gorgeous boots that I bought in August.  The boots One of my absolutely favorite things about fall is that it gives me a chance to wear the boots from my perhaps a shade too large boot collection.  That makes me happy on the inside and really on the outside as well.  One doesn't exactly pair boots like that with yoga pants.  (not that I wear yoga pants to work, my boss would hit the roof) When I was dropping the kids off at daycare I had the following conversation with one of the other moms.         "Nice shoes, do they make your feet hurt?"        "Nope."        "Really?"        "Yup." Okay, so it wasn't really much of a conversation but I was pre-coffee and just grateful that Cat wasn't having a major meltdown about being left this morning.  But it did occur to me later that as this is my first time wearing the

Naming Your Children

Every now and then we are not so, so busy at the office first thing in the morning and I actually get to listen to the morning radio show.  Usually it bores the crap out of me and I tune out as I go about my daily paper work and reports but today they were talking about the how and why of people naming their children. This has always been a topic that fascinated me, long before I had children.  My early writing journals are filled with name lists and character descriptions based on random names.  As well as musings on what I would name my future children.  Said children, my daughter especially, should be glad I was not a teenage mother.  She would have had a slightly less 'tolerable' name to say the least.  I do believe I went through a phase where I wanted to name my future daughter Destiny.  Although I doubt it would phase her at this point, the kid has some questionable nicknames and answers to pretty much anything.  I as her mother tend to call her Mittens the kitten as

Back To School

So Ace went back to school yesterday.  He was pretty excited about it, up and ready to go by 6:15 in the morning.  It was fantastic to see that kind of enthusiasm for learning in him and hope that it sticks with him forever. So far we have managed to be organized and out the door on time both days.  Yay!  (hey, this is huge for us)  All that practicing and lecturing I did last week really seems to have paid off.  The cooking I did on Friday helped as well.  I was determined not to be making lunches at 6:00 in the morning this year so I spent time squirreling away recipes for lunches on Pinterest .  On Friday I made  up a batch of my son's favorite homemade chicken noodle soup to freeze in small batches for school lunches here and there.  I also tried out these Pizza Muffins  (I tripled the recipe and froze them in twos for lunches).  The pizza muffins were a huge hit and he took them yesterday for lunch.  It has also been requested that we try them out with other filling,

The Final Three Episodes of Pond Life

First off all, Asylum of The Daleks airs today!!!! YAY!! Almost takes the sting out of having to work on the long weekend.  I don't feel the jumping up and down excitement I have going into previous Series but I am anticipating it just the same. Now on to Pond Life: The whole Ood in the loo thing was a bit absurd and even after watching it a couple of times I'm not sure if it was absurd in a good way or a bad way.    I love saying it though, "Ood in the loo." It's like saying "Dinosaurs on a spaceship."  or "Snakes on a plane."  Not really productive but it sounds awesome. Part four of Pond Life just makes me want my very own Ood.  It could make my coffee and do my laundry.  Le sigh.  I would be nice to him or her (do Oods have sexual designation?)  Part Five of Pond Life was a bit creepy to me.  Also, poor Rory.  Why does something bad need to happen to Rory?  (yes, we don't know that but it is implied)  I love Rory!  <