Things I Learn Watching Late Night TV

A few months ago, during a nasty battle with insomnia, I became addicted to The Late, Late Show.  Seriously addicted.  As in I now PVR it so I can watch it.  (yup, I am that crazy about it)  Really it's because he has a TARDIS on his desk, how can you not love someone who has a TARDIS on their desk?  (or a dinosaur) 

Anyways, I have learned many interesting things watching this show (other than there is no useful reason for me to have a PVR) most of which will serve me absolutly no purpose in life.  (like most of my knowledge, Grade 10 math for example)  I have learned that some of my favorite celebraties have no fashion sense what so ever (which would be disappointing if I cared) but most of them manage to wear awesome shoes.

I have learned that some of the actors that bore the crap out of me are actually interesting people (at least in short doses) and that some that I found interesting bore that crap out of me.  I have learned that they sell weird and awesome things in Scottish kilt stores. (we must go to Glasgow and go shopping J)

I have come to the conclusion that I desperately need a robot who will probably be slightly more tyranical than Geoff I admit but how cool would it be to have a robot?  Needs to be able to move though, what's the point of having a robot if it can't clean your house for you after all.  (and lead the army of Dalek squirrels)

But perhaps the best thing I have learned (and the one the least induced by the headache I have at the moment) is that Craig Ferguson's show is a wonderful place to find music that I probably wouldn't have heard otherwise.  Which is great because I get bored with music really, really fast (just like everything else) and I love to have a wide mix availible.

When the show went to Ireland they had an absolutely fantastic band as their musical guests for the week, The Imagineers.  I thought they were good and I texted myself to check them out and it slipped my mind.  (I don't know why I text myself, it's great in theory but it never works to actually remind me to do something)

Then he had them on the show again and they played this song:

Which I absolutely love!  Within minutes I had looked them up online and had my good friend on the phone with it playing from my computer into her ear (possibly a touch too loud) as I watched the video. 

Needless to say, I am now completely in love with them. 


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