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Lately life has been doing a lot to get in the way of the flow of my creative juices, I am sure you have probably noticed from my major MIAness (that should totally be a word) in the past month.   It's been a little bit depressing to say the least.

Anyhow, the other day I got a text from a friend that provided a jolt of creative inspiration.  (Who knew?  I mean, probably other than him.  He is useful like that.  It's probably why we are friends.  Other than the fact that he encourages my shoe addiction.  I will happily be friends with anyone that does that.)  Er, back to my point I think.

He sent me this link which deals with taking the things in life that don't go your way (which tends to happen more often than not) and turning it into something positive.  Which is something that I think every artist does, whether they be a writer, painter, designer, singer, etc.  Otherwise we drown in the pain that life piles on us. 

I thank my friend for the gentle kick in the rear end that I oh so desperately needed to remind me that I should be using my pain and frustration to create instead of holding it in.  Maybe I'll make him something nice for his birthday.  Maybe I'll write him a nice fanfic or something...


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