Hey, It's May!

I like May, it marks the beginning of the summer season.  It comes along with a bit of a slowdown at work (thank goodness because I thought I was turning into a robot) and a chance to get outside more and enjoy the warmer weather.   It also marks the end of the A to Z Challenge (huge sigh of relief) which I am very happy to have finished.

There is a lot I am looking forward to this month as well, going to have a big crackdown on the lack of training I have been doing now that the warmer weather is here.  Looking forward to some great walks with hopefully some great picture taking opportunities.  I know I got some awesome shots last year.  (which is amazing since I am a terrible photographer)

Then of course there is The Avengers...I have been looking forward to this movie with great anticipation since about half a second after Captain America ended.  I am not for a minute worried that I am going to be disappointed and not just because of the drool worthy cast, it's because I have that much faith in Whedon.  Since my first episode of Buffy, he has done a lot of things but nothing he has offered up has ever disappointed me.  (Yup I put him right up there with RTD)

Also coming up is the first annual  trip to our favorite amusement park, Canada's Wonderland!  Have that planned for Victoria Day weekend (which has to be my least favorite weekend of the year) so I am super excited.  My favorite friend, the monkeys and a super huge crowd.  (sounds like a recipe for disaster right?)  But it will be super fun and we will go home after and tuck them into bed and enjoy a well earned ice cold beer.

Most importantly at the end of this month my baby girl turns 3!!!!  I am super excited about this as A) it is an excuse to throw a party and B) it is an excuse to craft my butt off. 

So here is to a fabulous May.  What are you looking forward to?


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