X is for Xena

X was hard post for me to come up with a topic.  It is certainly isn't an easy letter to come up for words for.  Plus I am behind on my posts (almost caught up but still) and I was oh so tired last night.  Then I remembered Xena: Warrior Princess and how much I used to love watching it and thought now there is a post.  (Yay!)

Now as far as warrior princesses go Xena is far from being my favorite, I far prefer Wonder Woman or She-ra. 

But I did genuinely enjoy the show unlike so much of what is on TV these days.  Sure it had it's moments of being absolutely ridiculous (so does Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sherlock Holmes all of which I love) but it was brilliantly written.  The acting was also fairly decent for the most part, which seems to be lacking in some shows I catch these days.

Plus I had a massive crush on Gabrielle...


  1. Good choice! Zena RULES cause she's a princess too :D


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