I is for Incredibly Old Poetry

From high school to be exact, I was going through my writing journals from my English classes back when I used to write everyday, from prompts and occasionally write something worth reading (most of it was garbage).  Always worth a laugh to read though.  Lots of Buffy poetry, I was am totally in love with Spike.  I have a thing for vampires.

Anyhow, this was written September 29 of 1999 and the prompt was Purple Rain.  (seriously I rolled my eyes at the just a bit)

She stands so tall and proud
Alone in the purple rain
Her eyes are full of darkness
Her soul is full of pain
They made her choose between them
They tried to make her decide
She tried to please them both
And something in her died
How carefully she walked the line
Between darkness and light
How they tried to rip her apart
To make her give up her fight
How bravely she stands alone now
How silently she cries
She watched those she loved crumble
When confronted with their lies
How beautiful she is now
Alone in the purple rain
But her heart is full of darkness
And her soul is full of pain
So alone in the falling purple rain
No one left to support her battle
No one left to ease her fears
No one left to help her fight the battle
That keeps the world from ending
They took her love away
They tore up all her dreams
There's nothing left to say
She'll stand forever alone
In the turmoil and chaos
Of the driving purple rain
Can't stop the purple rain

Yeah, so that's that then.


  1. The poem is very cute
    good dedication to the poem ...Keep it up :)

  2. I've dug a few of my poems out of the archives and published them on my blog as well. Nice job here.

    A Few Words
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  3. It's so fun to look back at things written long ago. This makes me wish I had kept some of my old papers, they are no doubt in a trash heap somewhere. :(

    Von L
    The Growing Writer


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