What is the purpose, why are we here?

On Monday my boss and I went to to a seminar on e-marketing for the dental office.  It was fairly well done, and all about using social media to attract new patients to your dental practice.  Really, the advice could be applied to any business looking to increase their online presence.

One of the things that interested my boss the most applied to ones website.  We were told that the homepage rather than focusing on selling to our patients (or customers) should be descriptive of the practice.

The speaker had a slide with a list of questions, what is your purpose, why are you here, what do you offer etc.  All things he felt should be answered in some way to catch people's attention.  I was taking notes on my smart phone which has one of these nifty time line features on the main screen.  So for the past few days I have been looking at the question what is the purpose, why are we here everytime I open my phone. 

It's almost one of those meaning of life questions, brought about quite accidentally but very relevant just the same.  Personally, I have no idea why we are here, but I find my purpose in my children.

For everytime they drive me nuts (and they do) and every bad moment I have, there is a moment (usually around bedtime) when they are soft and snuggly and sweet.


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