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Goals Going Into My Last Year In My 30's

Next week, next Wednesday to be exact, I turn 39.  Which I feel a lot of pressure for as it will be the last year I have before I turn 40 and with everything that is going on in the world right now I realize how much more that there is that I want to get done before I turn 40. My health has been causing me problems this year and my doctor has recommended that I lose a little weight to help.  This is really high on my list for the coming year as I do not want to go into my 40's having preventable health issues.  Also on my list, as always is continued learning, as the current situation in the world had sharply shown me this year you never know what is going to happen and I want to make sure that I have something to fall back on should the worst happen. Being home all day, everyday has help me see how much time I really do have that is free and I waste doing things that bring me little to no pleasure.  I have spent some time today working on my novel that I started many years a

A to Z Challenge 2020 Theme

It has been a while since I have been here on the blog but I decided that since I was home and unable to do much else I would throw down for the A to Z Challenge this year.  I know that I have tried specific themes in the past, usually reading related but themes very much seem to hold me back. This year my theme is random, literally, I went to and put in the letters and picked the first word that came up.  It has made for an interesting list, one that has come up with a lot of topics for posts that will hopefully inspire myself writing them and anyone reading them this year. I know that we are all going through varying degrees of tough times right now but we need to find the bright spots when and where we can. I look forward to reading everyone's blogs in April. Melissa