Workouts Wednesday Updates

I did not do an update last week because I was just chugging along on my step goal and nothing exciting was happening.  Just cranking out the same steps everyday though gets pretty boring as I am sure you know if you have tried it, even if you are training for something bigger. 

Mike was looking for something to make our walks a little more interesting and he discovered that there is an app for Walking to Mordor.  Now if you have been around the blog for a while then you know that I attempted the Walk to Mordor before and lost interest in it because tracking it was not the easiest thing.  But guys, there is an app.

So Mike and I are now in a race to Mordor and I am losing.  Badly for the moment but we are only 4 days in and things can change in an instant.

Our rules for the challenge are as follows:

1) Anything that we count towards our progress must be done intentionally and counted separately from average day to day walking.

2) One must be carrying the one ring when said walking happens.  Easy for Mike because that was the ring I gave him when we got engaged.  Less easy for me as I had to hunt mine down.  (I am now wearing it with my engagement ring.

3) One must take a picture of the ring where they are when they hit their progress goal.  We both missed that first one as Mike came up with this rule after. :/

Here is my progress after last night's after work walk and I did walk another 4k and change before work this morning.  For more real time updates than you will find here on the blog feel free to follow me on Instagram @murderchickencosplayfitness  as I will be posting on my stories as we go. 

My aim is to try to push for 5k a day every day.  I might not win that way but I will for sure make good progress and be able to afford missing a day here or there if I get sick or we travel. 

While you do have to track your actual distance using something else (I am using my fitbit) and it is therefore honor system based I do like the app.  You get great motivation at your checkpoints:

And there is an overall view of your progress:

What challenges do you do to keep your fitness interesting?


  1. I really like the look of that app. I did the walk to Rivendell at one point a couple of years ago (it took me most of the year because I only counted walks I'd tracked towards my total).

    Good luck with reaching Mordor!

    Cait @ Of Needles and Noodles


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