Cosplay Plans: She-Hulk

 I have never before felt the urge to cosplay a super hero, usually I stick to easy to cosplay with out much criticism characters.  But I am on a huge kick to get back in shape and something about She-hulk calls to me so I thought that she would be a great goal for getting into shape.

 Going through pictures on the internet I have found quite a few different costumes that I have varying degrees of fondness for.  There will be lots of research till I find something that suits my comfort level for wearing to a convention I am sure.

The bigger part of these plans though is to get into a cosplaying She-Hulk kind of shape.  I know that a year is no where near enough time to go from my current shape to body builder shape.  However, I think that with a lot of hard work and dedication I can get into decent enough shape to feel comfortable with it.

There will be periodic updates here on the blog but if you want to hear all of the nitty gritty follow @murderchickencosplayfitness on Instagram.  Photos, musings and all that fun stuff will be there first.

As a side note does anyone have experience with body paint?  Would love some recommendations. 


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