A to Z Challenge 2018: C


In general we tend to fear change yet without it nothing can move forward.  I am hugely guilty of this one.  I often deal with a status quo that does not make me happy because I am afraid of the unknown. 

What will happen if I get a new job?  What is the dating scene like these days?  What happens if I try to make friends with the other parents at karate?

There is nothing all that great about the status quo, and who knows what that change might bring?  More money? A trip?  More time with you family?  Take the plunge, change something small today.  Small change makes big ripples. 


  1. I love that closing line: "Small change makes big ripples." So true!

    Anne from annehiga.com

  2. As much as change is daunting it is also fun.



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