Monday Question Two

I was busy doing some other things this week and did not have time to make a new graphic as the other one did not work.  (boo!)  I promise to have one up for next week.

This week's question is:  What are your 2018 reading goals?

For 2018 my reading goal is 75 books on Goodreads and more importantly to also track them.  Because Goodreads will tell you that I did not hit my 100 book goal last year but the truth is I am just a lousy tracker.  I have lower my goal because with all the studying I have less time for reading for fun.  Hopefully I can crank it back up there next year or when I finally get used to studying again.  (it did not used to be this hard)

Next Monday's question is:  What is something that you have always want to do that you are taking on this year?


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