40 Things Update One

 Apparently making a giant list of things you want to do is the way to go.  I not only knocked a few things off the list but I was motivated to do extra things as well.  Always great.

1) Finish the human relations unit in the course I am taking.

2) List 1 item in my Etsy Shop.

3) Cancel my gym membership.

4) Finish dying the yarn for the pink blanket I am making.

5) Post my first video on Youtube.

6) Clean out my closet.

7) Clean out my daughter's room.

8) Replace my broken grocery cart.

9) Watch Spiderman Homecoming.

10) Watch Justice League.

11) Reinstall Windows on my computer.

12) Finish one section of the next unit in my course.

13) Purge my clothes and organize drawers.

14) Catch up on pen pal letters.

15) Wrap Christmas presents.

16) Make homemade soaps.

17) Make lotion bars.

18) Make bath bombs.

19) Make up quick crochet washcloths for teacher gifts.

20) Make a book Advent Calendar for the kids.

21) Make a binder for my printed crochet patterns.

22) Clean out my stationary drawers.

23) Make Christmas cookies.

24) Write another 25,000 words on my WIP.

25) Format and edit my book of poetry.

26) Type my short story into my computer so that I can work on it.

27) Set up my planner for 2018.

28) Finish my Goodreads Challenge.

29) Switch my Audible account to Canadian.

30) Dye hair.

31) Organize craft supplies.

32) Come up with Etsy return policy.

33) Start bringing home stuff from mom's house.

34) Hook up printer.

35) Look for CFL fabrics.

36) Start Body Boss over again.

37) Play Battleship with Cat.

38) Set up my iPad.

39) Get my vacation plans in order.

40) Get a blogging plan in place for 2018.

A decent start I think.  We will see how it goes.  


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