Fitness Friday

It's been awhile since I've put up a fitness Friday post, I've not fallen off my journey, it's just been slow going.  As these things usually are and that has me a bit down in the dumps.  I am doing really well with my water intake though, which is something I have always struggled with.

My boss made a joke about getting us all two liter jugs and making us finishing them before we were allowed to leave for the day.  He was joking but it was a fantastic idea.  I brought in two one liter reusable bottles and I keep them in the fridge.  Every day before I leave work I force myself to drink them both.  So far it's been a week and I feel fantastic, if not a little water logged.

On another note my computer was on the fritz and my friend came over to fix it last night.  Before he did though he asked me to take anything off it I wanted to keep, which of course was a ton of pictures.  When I took them off I looked through them as one does and found these:





 I am at no means at my heaviest right now but I struggle with being at my unhappiest as I am more often then not sluggish and terribly out of shape.  Every workout I do it still I struggle but I am still trying to push through.  Seeing these pictures reminds me that there was a time that I could make it through the whole workout that leaves me in tears now or hold a sixty second plank.  I will do it again.  Even if I ever fit into the Gravedigger shirt again.


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