Audible Review: StarWars Aftermath: Empire's End

Following "Star Wars: Aftermath" and "Star Wars: Life Debt," Chuck Wendig delivers the exhilarating conclusion to the "New York Times" bestselling trilogy set in the years between "Return of the Jedi" and "The Force Awakens."

It took me an exceptionally long time to listen to this because I did not want it to end.  These books were a great listen and one day when my Audible listen pile shrinks a little I will listen again.  

I was heartbroken for much of this book, the senselessness of it all.  I cried a lot, as I did through much of the series.  Wendig really brought the emotion for me.  I loved these characters like they were family.

I finished it yesterday and I am still a little raw from the whole experience.  It's kind of like how I still need a minute (or ten) after watching Rogue One to compose myself.  I loved the book, I loved how you can see where the First Order gets it's beginnings.  And I loved how it raised so many questions that need answers.  Cause I am crazy like that.


  1. *waves!* Hallo, Hallo Melissa Ann! :) I saw this and I wanted to ask you - is this a continuation of the Lucas era of Star Wars or is it being inserted between Lucas & Abrams? The reason I'm asking is because I preferred Lucas over Abrams - if this 'fits' between where Lucas concluded the series and Abrams took them over, I think I might be interested - as that would carry forward the bits I'm keen on most to learn myself! :)

    I *know!* exactly how you feel right now - it's the same with me in regards to The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds ; you get so caught up in what your reading - it not only becomes a part of you, but it has this hold on you to where your not ready to 'let go'. Also - on a side note, I LOVE! audiobooks - so I might need to start seeing if my library has this series!

    1. Hi!!! *waves* The Aftermath series is supposed to be a bridge between Lucas and Abrams in a way. I find it to be really more of it's own thing. I loved the audiobooks, which are a fairly new addiction for me. I tried to go back and actually read the first book after and I kind of hated it, even though I loved it as an audiobook. It felt so weird for me, I have never hated a Star Wars book before. I think it was just so well read that reading it myself did not have the same kind of feel. I may try it again now that I am finished the series if my friend will lend it to me again.

    2. Ooh this is wonderful news! :) I'm very encouraged to hear they went off into their own corner of the Star Wars universe rather than maintain the 'bridge' as I think this something I'd appreciate myself! Sorry I've been remiss - we're having our Summery volcanic weather (I *hate!* humidity if you hadn't deferred out of that adjective!) whilst getting so many dearly horrid lightning storms - it's blinking me offline! Even my blog has been re-scheduled a bit lately as a result! I happily found your replies tonight & I'm so thankful we're been partnered! Just keep patient with me - I'll pop back as often as I can throughout the month. :)

      I love your takeaways -- I will NOT read these, I'll seek out the audiobooks - your reaction to them sold me! #Blessed.

    3. Weather is such an interesting thing. Ours has been such a weird little nightmare as well, flooding and all sorts of random things. Not something I want to deal with at all.

      I think these Audiobooks spoiled me for any others that I listen to, now I am listen to another and I am just yeah I like the story but the narration is so blah. :( Still better than the version of Sherlock Holmes I have though, I keep that always downloaded for nights I have trouble falling asleep.


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