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Fitness Friday

I had surgery last week and have not been cleared to head back to the gym yet so no progress pictures this week but I am still getting my exercise in just not as intense.  How you ask?  Walking of course.  I always have my FitBit on and while I may not always hit the goal I have set on it these day I do make sure I am getting a decent about of steps in.

Back in February I found a lovely app called StepBet where you bet money on yourself to hit a step goal for a set number of weeks.  Your step goal is determined by the data from your device be it your Fitbit, Garmin or the internal step counter on your phone, for the last few weeks.  Depending on the type of game you can have varying goals, increasing goals by week or all the same goal every day.

If you hit your goals for the whole length of the game the idea is that you at least win your money back, maybe a few dollars more.  I have personally become a bit addicted to it.  It is much easier now that the weather is warmer to beat my st…

Throwback Thursday

A throwback to last year's trip to Montreal.  Could use another vacation.

Cat's Art

The end of the school year is once again upon us and I have become overwhelmed with tiny pieces of classroom art. This year though Cat and I have struck a deal.  Every piece I share on here I get to recycle.  So once a week I will share a piece of this year's classroom work and it will find a new home that is not in my house.

This is a friendship heart and it talks about her teacher, whose favourite drink is coffee.  (mine too).

Kids in The Zone

On Sunday the Toronto Argonauts played their first game in the 2017 season against the Hamilton Tigercats, and Cat got to go to her first Kids Zone in The Zone of the season. 

Toronto Argonauts Kids Club is an interesting thing, $29 gets you an Argonauts swag bag and a kids club passport and membership card which gains you entry into Kid in the Zone events.  After the game we met up with the other kids club members and their families and were escorted down onto the field.

The kids got to run through a little tunnel onto the field and then met and greet with the players and the Argos Cheerleaders.  Cat was a bit shy so we did not get a lot of pictures but she did get a few autographs for her collection.

Fitness Friday

It was a struggle for me to decide to post this here, I thought about starting a new blog just for this stuff but as I just bought a domain name for this blog I decided that would be stupid. I am back on track and started a new fitness program on Wednesday and this time I want to keep track of my results. 

Sharing it with the world is scary but I figure it will help me be accountable.  I don't just want to be skinnier, I also want to be stronger, I can barely keep up with my kids and my energy is nothing compared to what it was when I was working out regularly.

I started Body Boss this week and I am doing the first four weeks of "pretraining" before you actually get into the real deal. I am very out of shape and felt this was pretty real deal.  I was also still pretty sore on Thursday which was cardio day but pushed through my cardio.

Day One:

Funny story as a side note, Cat is always keen to workout with me anytime I workout as she feels it is fun. (mostly because she i…


Well, isn't it nice when life just makes you want to throw in the towel?

I have been super overwhelmed with things, work, migraines, kids etc.  I have started to tame the lion and so back to blogging I have come.  And with lots of new things to blog about.  I will be taking a super big plunge starting Friday and every Friday and really blogging about my fitness journey.  It's a scary step for me but I need the motivation.

I am also going to be getting back to posting my regular book reviews and other random things. Also more crafts again, Cat has been taking sewing classes and she wants to start making basic stuff at home to work towards making her own cosplay stuff.

I look forward to chatting with you all more.  :)

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