A to Z Challenge 2017: O

To save their parents they will have to travel to unknown worlds. Too bad the natives on each world all seem to want them dead . . .

Zachary and Jenna Lane are a brother and sister pair who would much rather tease and trick each other than work together. But when their parents vanish before their eyes through a mysterious shimmering portal, the two kids join forces and adventure through a series of fantastic worlds in an effort to rescue them.

But each world is more treacherous than the last, and staying alive for even a day will prove to be the ultimate test of their wits, courage, and determination. And when they finally puzzle out what is happening to them and why, the impossible happens: things get even worse. Because far more is at stake than just their lives. And the odds against them could not be any greater . . .

Out of This World is a fast-paced adventure sure to delight young and old alike, packed with breakneck action, brilliant escapes, thrilling cliffhangers, and plenty of heart.

A book that's a little more on par with my normal reading choices I enjoyed this a great deal.  An interesting adventure tale that sort of reminded me of my own kids.


  1. Sounds like a great read - I bet I would have loved this as a kid, and maybe as an adult ;)

    Phillip | O is for an Octopus named Hank He’s also Orange!

  2. Ohh! I like how it features a brother and sister pair. That's pretty great. :) I wish more books had siblings working together. Siblings are the best!

    Visiting from the A to Z Challenge, see my "O" post here: https://lydiahowe.com/2017/04/18/o-is-for-outsider-atozchallenge-plus-a-vlog/


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