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My Favorite.. is a weekly meme hosted by Maureen’s Books. In this meme we share every week something we love with each other. Because let’s face it.. The world can be a dark place and it’s time to share something positive. For more info: My Favorite Meme.

Picking a favourite book character is like picking a favourite child.  It's not really possible,  I love them all so much.  However, when I first read this the first character to pop into my mind was Cara, from the Sword of Truth series.  I love the Mordsith, they have been through hell and back and they find the inner strength to keep going, that's powerful.

Cara comes  out as a favourite above the other Mordsith probably just because she is more prominent in the series but they all hold a special place in my heart as the character type resonates strongly.  

What is your favourite book character? 


  1. Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter books is probably one of my favourites. She's smart, she's totally un-self-conscious, she cares deeply about other people (even when they don't seem to care for her a great deal). She's the hero I needed when I was younger.

  2. I never read the Sword of Truth series, so I don't really know that character. But I'm definitely curious about her now! :D
    For me, Hermoine Granger is definitely my favorite. I just love everything about her.
    Thanks for stopping by and joining up!

  3. I've never read that series, but you've made me curious. I gave up trying to pick a favorite.

  4. Great idea for a post. My favourite character has to be DCI Jane Tennison created by Lynda La Plante. Have a great week!

  5. That's a tough one! People ask what my own favorite character is in my books and I love them all. It definitely is like picking a favorite child!


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