The Gratitude Project

Another week is passing, and this is turning out to be harder than I thought.  It is also more important to me now, as I watch the world seeming to be going to hell to find reasons to be grateful for what I have.

January 30, 2017

- having independent children who function well on their own
- health insurance
- massages

January 31, 2017

- always having work to do
- naps

February 1, 2017

- calendars
- routines

February 2, 2017

- getting to go home early
- homemade dinners that are made by others

February 3, 2017

- kindle unlimited - so many books
- happy patients
- netflix

February 4, 2017

- days off
- learning new things

February 5, 2017

- being able to provide for my children
- friends


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