The Gratitude Journal Project

I like Mondays for publishing this because what day is better for a reminder of what one is grateful for than a Monday?

January 19, 2017

- my son who is growing up so fast
- good friends
- cake

January 20, 2017

- books
- sleep

January 21, 2017

- being able to give Ace a party at home
- all the kids for Ace's party showing up
- the internet
- butterbear

January 22, 2017

- hitting my walking goal today
- being able to play games with my kids
- having someone who will help me when I ask

January 23, 2017

- I am grateful for having a job that is never boring
- for being able to feed my children when they are hungry
- for having shelter when it is cold

January 24, 2017

- having friends who look out for my children
- my mother who helps me out with my kids

January 25, 2017

- being able to push myself to work out
- having the ability to make time to meet with the kids teachers
- that the kids have teachers who are willing to work with them to help them learn to the best of their ability

January 26, 2017

- having doctors that take the time to listen rather than just rushing on to the next patient
- having co-workers who I can always work out the schedule with so I can go see the doctor when I need to
- sleep

January 27, 2017

- coffee, all of the coffee
- working so close to home for when the kids have emergencies


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