Connect The Dots

I have been super stressed lately and looking for a way to relax in the evenings that truly works for me.  I tried the adult colouring thing but that did not work for my mind.

I found one of these adult connect the dots books in the bargain bin at the grocery store when I was walking laps to hit my step goal the other night. (it was too cold outside)  After flipping through it I thought it was worth a shot and brought it home.  Mostly I was just fascinated with  how complicated that they were, 400 dots, 900 dots...sign me up.

I did my first one tonight and it was so relaxing.  Using a ruler to draw repetitive tiny lines, apparently that is my idea of a zen state.  It was only a tiny connect the dots and after I was done I felt like I had a power nap. Amazing!!  My lines could use some work though, even with a ruler they are not straight.

Do you connect the dots?


  1. My Mum's got a big connect the dots book and she really enjoys it. I'm more of a colouring book sort of person but I figure it's a similar sort of experience. I think it's ever so relaxing to just give your brain a break for a while and switch off from the world around you.

    Looks like you've done a great job. :-)


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