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Jack Templar and The Last Battle Blog Tour Review


Jack Templar and the Last Battle by Jeff Gunhus

In the last book of the Jack Templar series, Jack and his friends race to stop Ren Lucre before he launches this Creach army against humankind. But the Lord of the Lesser Creach and the Lord of the Zombies hold the last two Jerusalem Stones Jack needs to have any chance of success. To make matters worse, the Oracle predicts that one of their group will die in the upcoming fight, and Jack discovers betrayal among those he trusts most.

Even so, Jack must find the courage to lead his friends into battle. Either they collect the Stones in time to defeat Ren Lucre or die trying. It’s "Do your duty, come what may" no matter the cost. The fate of the world hangs in the balance.


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I remember back when I received a copy of the first book in this series to review, I was a little iffy about it...and then I read it.  It was fantastic, it quickly drew me in to Jack's world and I thought that my son would love it.  So I handed it to him and waited eagerly for him to read it so we could talk about about it.  It took a long time because he did not read as fast then as he does now.

Since then we have eagerly read every book and I have recommended them to every kid I talk to about books.  So seeing the series come to an end made me a little sad.  Finally getting to read it though?  That made me so very happy.

I enjoyed watching Jack and his friends grow through this series and I think that The Last Battle showed how far they had come very well.  It was a great read that brought me to tears in several places.  I will continue to recommend this series to anyone.  

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jeff-gunhusAuthor Jeff Gunhus

Jeff Gunhus is the USA TODAY bestselling author of thriller and horror novels for adults and the middle grade/YA series, The Templar Chronicles. The first book, Jack Templar Monster Hunter, was written in an effort to get his reluctant reader eleven-year-old son excited about reading. It worked and a new series was born. His books for adults have reached the Top 30 on Amazon, have been recognized as Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Finalists and reached the USA TODAY bestseller list.

After his experience with his son, he is passionate about helping parents reach young reluctant readers and is active in child literacy issues. As a father of five, he leads an active life in Maryland with his wife Nicole by trying to constantly keep up with their kids. In rare moments of quiet, he can be found in the back of the City Dock Cafe in Annapolis working on his next novel or on
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Don't Mess With Mrs. Sedgewick Promo Blitz

Cozy Mystery
Date Published:10/11/2016
Publisher: 4-D Publishing

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Roberta Sedgewick is stuck in a house that is too empty without her beloved Burton—the rat died and left her with his dog and rooms that rattle. She convinces her three golfing buddies, all in their seventies, to sell their homes and buy adjoining condos. The widows intend to spend the rest of their days golfing, gambling at the casino, and having fun. Oh, the heaven of it. But then they all hire the same maid who uncovers long-hidden criminal secrets kept by each woman. Oh, the horror of it. The reputations of their deceased husbands, a banker, a minister, and a respected farmer, will be tarnished forever. Three of the widows could face jail time, and the fourth fears for her life. Whatever will they do with the conniving, blackmailing maid?


I catch my breath. This could be it. To make sure, I draw the newspaper almost to my nose and read the listing again. Right here in the real estate section of the Vista Harbor Chronicle is the answer. The date in the corner reads July 7, only four days ago. A happy dance springs within me, but I control the urge. No customer sitting at a high table in a bistro needs to witness a lady past her prime make a fool of herself. Instead, I jig my fists below the table in a silent yes, yes, yes. I’ve found the condos. Life at age seventy-two is about to change. I slide from the stool and head for the door, hoping no one notices the newspaper tucked under my left arm.

“Thank you, Mrs. Sedgewick,” the coffee gal calls after me. She saw the paper, and that’s her way of letting me know. Without looking back, I waggle my right hand above my shoulder and push open the door.

Outside, I dig through my Gucci for my phone. I love my hobo bag, but don’t like searching for whatever drops to the bottom. I need to figure that out. I also don’t like the dark face of the phone in the bright sunlight. Phone people need to figure that out.

I move under the umbrella of a red maple. In filtered light, I send a text to my three buddies. Meet me at the clubhouse. I have a surprise. I shuffle a little smart-step, unable to hide my joy. I’m still light on my feet even though my hair has turned soft white. I avoid coloring it but fight other signs of aging with a diet pill once in a while and wrinkle cream rubbed in nightly. Like most Pisces, I’m proud, a bit vain, and not afraid to admit it. I hop into my reliable Subaru.

A hand grabs the top part of the car door.

I gasp and brace against the seat.

A careworn woman stands there like a waif. “I did naught mean to startle you. I noticed you did a jig step before getting into your car and wondered if you are from Scotland. I’m so homesick for the heather.” She’s medium height, medium weight—medium all the way around. Her flyaway hair is sandy, and her sad eyes show more burnished gold than green. She removes her hand from the top of the door. “I’m sorry for intruding.”

“No need to be. I’m not from Scotland, but some distant relatives were. They mixed with my English ancestors, so I’m blessed with a good dose of Highland merriment and English good sense that battle each other. I hope you find your way back to the heather.” I close the car door. It thuds softly, not a hard slam to show dismay. So often anymore I’m prone to sharpness and a quick tongue, followed by guilt. Or else I rattle on about nothing and don’t worry about it.

The Scottish woman walks away, spine stiff, head high. An odd, lonely woman, but likable.

A sense of uncertainty chases around my shoulders. I banish it with a glance at my watch. There’s enough time to run by Jones Realty and arrange for a showing of the condos this afternoon. I tilt the rearview mirror and apply a boost of blush, lip gloss, and a dab of liquid concealer by my left eyelid—the dang droopy thing. There. All is repaired well enough to see Ned Jones, the realtor.

Before I swing into the late morning traffic on Harbor Drive, a white-knuckle thought smacks into my gray matter. The newspaper is only a few days old, but what if someone already bought one of the units? What a terrible thought. I press harder on the accelerator and zip through Vista Harbor, the alpine resort community I call home. It’s a small town compared to Aspen or Big Sky, but it’s more than big enough to accommodate tourists and newcomers. I don’t mind sharing the beauty of my valley, my mountains, and my lakes. Sure, there’s room for all, and yes, I claim ownership. This part of Montana belongs to me.

Ten blocks later, after having to slam on the brakes to avoid the rear end of a showoff car, I park next to a chalet-style house with a readerboard announcing homes or acreage for folks to buy. Big black letters read, New on the Market. Four Single-Story Condominiums in the Harbor Hill Area. Perfect. And no more stairs to climb.

I straighten my skinny jeans, smooth my top, and walk inside the office. A clock chimes the half hour . . . plenty of time before lunch.

Behind a glass counter, inlaid with prize listings and a Sold banner across each, a young man thumbs through a stack of listings and thoroughly ignores me. He must be the new assistant, and the talk of the town, like any new buck. No cure for small towns and gossip.

“Is Ned in?”

“No.” The young squirt doesn’t bother to look up and continues to scan a paper, nimble finger flying down the page.

I lean a little onto my right side and place my jewel-covered fingers on the counter, thrumming them on the most expensive listing. “Just tell your boss our mom called from the nursing home and wants more money.”

The kid makes eye contact. “You’re his sista?”

“No, but you should treat me like I am. Do I hear Boston in your accent?”


“Moving to a small town is an adjustment. Attitude counts.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

 Satisfied I have his attention, I say, “I would like to see those newly listed condos at 2:00 this afternoon.”

“The ones out on Harbor Hill?”

I nod. “The ones with the same name as the golf course, ski mountain, and every other place that isn’t called Alpine or Vista. What’s the street number?”

“101. Ned is showing a unit now.” The kid tries not to smirk. He doesn’t make it. His brown-flecked eyes shine with mischief. They probably always do. He’s a young devil, I can tell, and figure he’s teasing me.

“Please inform him Roberta Sedgewick will be at the condos at 2:00 this afternoon. If he can’t make it, have him call me. He has the number.” Halfway out the door, I lean back inside. “Oh, by the way, I’m interested in buying all four and may be interested in listing four pieces of prime property. Like the kind you have there under glass on your counter. Tell him not to sell any of the units until we talk. Understood?”

I chuckle to myself as the door closes. I’m bad.

About the Author

Marie F. Martin is the author of an intense vow in MATERAL HARBOR, surprising twists of a family’s past in HARBORED SECRETS, a grizzly attack and lover’s spat in RATHAM CREEK. Together her three thriller, mystery, or suspense novels have over 250,000 Kindle downloads and 613 five star reviews.
She now adds DON’T MESS WITH MRS. SEDGEWICK to her list of books.

Marie lives in a fertile valley at the base of the Rocky Mountains. She enjoys a quiet life where laughter comes easy, love easier. She invites you to join in her rich, rural memories on her website where she has posted a memoir of her early childhood and raising her family of four children.

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The Last Portal Promo Blitz

YA Sci-fi/Fantasy

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Severe weather patterns - storms, floods and strong winds - are sweeping across planet Earth. Against this backdrop, three high school students, known and tormented for their strange abilities, fight their own battles against school bullies. The discovery of a strange key by their leader Chris Reynolds plunges all three through a portal into a sister world, Cathora, in another dimension. In this world, their behaviours, that labelled them as misfits on Earth, turn out to be the seeds of extraordinary powers.

They soon meet Batarr, the Guardian of the portal. He tells them they are not normal children, but are part of a group of six entities called Mytar who are periodically seeded throughout the dimensions to fight planetary invasions across these portals. Cathora has been invaded by an alien army, led by a creature known only as Zelnoff whose next target is Earth. The Mytar alone have the power to stop him if the other Mytar on Earth can be found. There ensues many struggles and battles as Chris, Susie and Joe seek to evade Zelnoff’s forces long enough for their powers to develop so they can detect the remaining Mytar back on Earth.


As the first rays of sun filtered through the tree canopy, Batarr’s forces assembled on the planet’s surface. They had emerged from a narrow, moss-lined tunnel had been chiselled between two sandstone rock outcrops. Compared to the underground complex, the surface was a cold and windy place. A light dusting of frost clung to the ground and the wind whistled and tore at the gathering company. To ward off the cold, the Mytar had been fitted with garments that had been soaked in oil derived from the boiled skins of warm-blooded fish. This oil was renowned for its unique properties. In the cold weather it solidified, sealing in the body’s warmth, while in hot weather it softened, allowing the skin to breathe.

Chris flexed his arms, twisted and crouched down into a squat. His clothes seemed to flex and mould themselves to fit the changing shape of his body. He pulled the hood of his jacket over his head and sniffed at the strange oily smell of the fabric.

“They’re made from the finest material in the land.” A deep, resonating voice jerked Chris out of his preoccupation with his clothes.

Chris looked up at a man over twice his size with dark, intense eyes buried above high cheek-bones and a long tapering jaw.

“I’m Altac, Leader of the Guard,” the man said.

Altac smiled, and Chris noticed a pink scar running from the side of his mouth to the corner of his jaw.

“I’m Chris,” he replied, feeling rather small and insignificant.

Altac brushed back some of the long curls of black hair that trailed down to his shoulder and bowed in what Chris assumed was this world’s version of a handshake.

“I believe you need no introduction,” he replied. “After all, aren’t you the reason we are embarking on this little errand?”

Chris smiled uncertainly, trying with his new found talents to catch something of Altac’s thoughts. He read admiration, mixed in with surprise at how young and small the Mytar were. Like so many of Batarr’s soldiers, Altac thought that the Mytar had volunteered to come and save Cathora from Zelnoff. Chris swallowed back some of his guilt, thankful that Altac hadn’t witnessed their behaviour when they first arrived.

Altac’s smile slid away. “I suggest yourself and your fellow Mytar travel in the centre of the company, where you will be best protected at all times,” he said, in a more solemn tone.

Chris nodded. Mingled with Altac’s admiration, he picked up the concern for their vulnerability.

By this time Susie and Joe had appeared. Chris noticed that both their eyes widened at the sight of this man. He wore what appeared to be a chest plate made of thick hide and metal, and a long dagger was strapped to his hip. Slung over his shoulder was the same weapon Chris had seen Zelnoff’s soldiers wearing in his vision. It looked a bit like a rifle, Chris thought, except it was shorter and bulkier. Altac greeted Susie and Joe with the same politeness he had shown Chris, bowing respectfully at each of them.

Joe circled Altac, paying particular attention to the weapon that hung by his side.

creature was gone.

Chris rolled onto his side. In front of him, the mountains towered into the clouds like a series of giant, white coated, metal spikes. The wind had dropped and the sun was beginning to break through the clouds. The warmth was magical. He crawled on his hands and knees higher up the beach, shivering uncontrollably in his wet clothes. Waves of exhaustion swept through him as he collapsed on his back. The rays of sun on his skin felt marvellous. He closed his eyes and thought he would sleep for just a moment.

About the Author

Robert Cole was born and grew up in Sydney, Australia. After achieving a Bachelor of Science (Honours) at the Australian National University he travelled extensively and returned to Sydney to complete a Doctor of Philosophy in Molecular Biology. Following a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Sydney University, he worked in a number of biotech companies and has numerous scientific publications.

Robert has always had an interest in writing speculative fiction, particularly with themes related to social and political issues. Recently he has published an Apocalyptic novel called "Nuclear Midnight," that reached number one on Amazon UK. His other areas of interest lie in children and teenage fiction, generated while raising three children.

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High Hopes Promo Blitz

Contemporary Romance
Date Published:  August 2016

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Grace, Sam and Dixie have known each other forever. But Grace has a secret. Pregnant and penniless after one drunken night with Sam, she gave up her baby for adoption without telling him. And condemned herself to twenty years of guilt.

When her daughter traces her, out of the blue, Grace longs to meet her. But she’s asking about her father and if Grace confesses to Sam after all these years, it will surely wreck his marriage to Dixie. How can their friendship survive such a betrayal? Yet does Grace have a choice?


Grace glared at them. Sam didn’t bother to move his hands. If anything, he pulled the girl harder against him, a defiant glint in his eye. Grace had never seen Sam look like that. He looked hungry. And strangely sexy in his own dishevelled way.

The girl kissed him, her lips deliberate as she kept her eyes on Grace. Grace wanted to slap the smirk from her face but when Sam made no attempt to kiss her back, the girl shrugged and eventually slunk away.

“Why did you tell her you’d been dumped?”

Sam grabbed at the bottle precariously balanced on the fruit machine. “What would you call a dirty weekend with your ex?”

“That’s stupid,” Grace laughed. “Dixie went to his twenty-first party.  Big deal. It’ll be your turn next year. Who will you invite from school?”

“That’s easy.” He combed his fingers through his untidy shock of black hair. “I was the school odd-bod, remember? There was only you.”

She remembered, even through the drunken haze of too much vodka and champagne. It had always been the two of them. Until Dixie. And then there were three.

“Here you are, like a mermaid in your sexy see-through top.”

His hand was on her arm, the heat of him, next to her breast, the nipple poking through the thin fabric of her top. It was suddenly hard to breathe.

“Dance with me?”

It was a slow number, barely recognisable over the raucous beat of the party. Sultry, though, throbbing through the wooden floor, up through the soles of her feet to thud against her heart.

“Our song,” he whispered against her hair.

Black Velvet, she recognised it now. Remembered Sam’s crush on Alannah Myles. Felt strangely thrilled that Sam had called it their song. They’d always had each other. And Sam was right here, kissing her for the first time, an intense meeting of lost souls. It had always been their destiny to be together.


Danny was strangely riveted. “What happened next?”

“I can’t blame Sam. I totally seduced him.”

“You’d be pretty hard to resist, twenty years ago. Not like now, with your puffy red face and mascara filling your wrinkles.”

“How can you make me laugh at a time like this?” She fished another tissue out of her bag. “I need to start buying waterproof mascara.”

“Here, let me.”

He licked the tissue and applied it to the streaks on her face. For once, she was too exhausted to care what she looked like as she snuggled into the warmth of his shoulder, staring at the gulls as they wheeled and whooped above the harbour.

“I’m guessing you got pregnant? What did he say?”

“He didn’t know. But now I have to tell him everything because his daughter wants to meet him.” Another tear escaped down her cheek. “Everybody’s going to hate me.”


They’d loved each other all through that one stolen night, right until the first glimmer of watery daylight. Even drunk on vodka and champagne, Grace had never felt more alive. Sam was her soul mate. How had she never known that before?

When she woke up, Sam had gone out. He stayed out for hours and when he came back, he turned on the TV without saying a word.

“I made chilli. Something to do, left here on my own.”

“I already ate, thanks. Hangover munchies, you know how it is?”

She sat on the arm of the sofa, sick with dread. “What’s wrong?”

“You know what’s wrong. Listen, I’m sorry. But please can we not talk about it again?”

Still, he didn’t look at her. He couldn’t be sorry. He must see they were meant to be together. She stroked his arm but he shrugged her off, leaning as far away from her as he could get.

“Look Grace, stuff happens. I’m not sure how I ended up in your bed but the sooner we can forget about it the better. When Dixie comes back, Christ! This would kill her. Don’t even think about telling her.”

“But last night you said she’d dumped you.”

“Well today, I know I was being a tit. I’ve spoken to her. She’ll be back tomorrow, as planned. We’re fine.”

“What about me? Should I just disappear? Everything hunky-dory because you and Dixie are fine?”

The sarcasm bounced off him. He’d reduced their connection to a drunken fumble. A mistake he didn’t want to pick over. Dixie returned to claim Sam’s bed as well as his heart and nobody noticed how distraught Grace was. She’d never been more lonely.

By Christmas she knew she was pregnant. 

About the Author

Sue Lilley lives in the north east of England, when she isn’t escaping somewhere else in her imagination.  She loves a good story, especially feel-good escapism that makes you miss your stop and be late for work because you can’t put the book down.  Her practical exterior hides the soul of a daydreamer and compulsive people watcher.  She has been writing as a hobby for years, eavesdropping on people’s conversations on the Metro for inspiration.

She’s been married to Michael, an artist and fellow creative spirit, for more years than they’re brave enough to count.  They have one grown-up daughter who’s far more sensible than either of them.  ANOTHER SUMMER was Sue’s first published novel. Her latest, HIGH HOPES is also available on Amazon. Now she’s forced herself out of the closet, there will be other novels coming soon.

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Waiting For Rio Promo Blitz

Contemporary Romance
Date Published:  October 2016

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Rio Levant growing up had a normal loving family. But one fateful night his mother was killed and the life he knew was gone. His father committed an unforgivable act and Rio blames himself for the outcome. Now, a recovering alcoholic, Rio is still struggling to piece himself back together. Nothing and no one has been able to help him.

Until her.

Growing up, Stacy Hammond was taught that the best way to survive was to latch onto a man and hope he never let you go. Stacy is determined not to follow in her mama's footsteps and is committed to making a life for herself without a man by her side. But a drunken one-night stand pushes Stacy towards a man who she never would have picked out for anything other than his hot body and his bad boy attitude. He seems like the wrong choice but she can't seem to get enough of him.

Rio and Stacy are going to find out that sometimes what you believe is completely and totally wrong.


"How old were you when you lost your virginity?"
I held back a chuckle. This game of war was starting to get serious. "Sixteen. How about you, Princess?"
She slapped a queen on top of my jack and pulled the pair towards her. "Fourteen."
Fourteen? That was the same age my sister had been when--
"Did you love her?"
"Uh…" She interrupted my thoughts and threw me for a loop with that question. What had we been talking about? Right, virginity. "No. I thought I did at the time. Did you love him?"
"I thought I did at the time but he broke my heart." She tossed a two in my direction and I scooped up the small win.
"What's his name? I'll kill him."
She smiled, her eyes twinkling softly as she met my gaze. "Garret Sothers. He's in Boyd County jail. Protected."
"For now," I said with a wink. We both set down a pair of aces and then proceeded to have a war.
"One, two, three. War!"
"Oh, come on!" she shouted as my other ace kicked her king's ass. I grinned as she settled herself back down and we proceeded to play. "Who broke your heart?"
My dad.
I glanced up, her gaze was down on the cards. Thank God I didn't say that out loud.
"You don't know her last name?"
"I do. Spears. She broke my heart when she started dating that asshole Justin Timberlake."
The front door slammed shut as James and Elly came back inside effectively cutting off Stacy's laughter. I was a little disturbed that I'd forgotten that they had been out there. No doubt James was near frozen. I swallowed back my unease and stood up from the table as they both entered the kitchen. Stacy looked at me with big, worried eyes. I offered her a smile which seemed to ease her tension a bit. She turned her in her chair, her eyes on James.
"So," James said, looking down at his feet. He looked every bit like a little boy who'd just told his mother to go screw herself. "I overreacted a little bit and I'm sorry."
"I forgive you, of course. I'm sorry too, for being such a klutz and ruining your drums."
She nibbled on her lower lip for a moment before she stood up and extended her arms towards him. I felt jealousy burning in my gut as James arms wrapped around her and pulled her body close to his.
"Okay," he said, ending the hug as quickly as it had begun. He stepped back and glanced between all of us. "There is more good news on top of that apology. The roads have been plowed and we are all free to get out of each other's hair.
I felt the snap of disappointment at the news. Stacy was more fun than I thought she'd be sober and although the sexual tension between us was high we were still able to hold a conversation. Perhaps we could make a go of things once my sobriety was under control and steady. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to try.
I shoved my hands into my jean pockets and nodded. "Awesome. Let's all get showered and then we can go back to the bar.
"Dibs!" James practically pushed Elly out of the way as he ran towards the bathroom. I sighed heavily.
"We're not going to be getting any hot water, are we?" Stacy asked, crossing her arms over her chest.
I shook my head. "No. Probably not."
Elly shrugged innocently. "I already had one. I'm gonna go watch some TV. Wanna join?"
I looked between the two girls who were staring at each other. Stacy shrugged her shoulders. "Sure." And then they both looked at me.
"Uh, yeah, sure."

About the Author

Marie Cole lives in GA and spends her days writing romance books, dreaming of new book covers and waiting for her two girls to get home from school.

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Family Illusions Promo Blitz

Romantic Suspense, Women’s Suspense
Date Published: 09/20/2016

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Her life was a lie. He has nothing left but a company on the brink of bankruptcy.

Charlie Gomez fantasizes about a better life. Raised as an illegal immigrant by a single mother, she’s faced a lifetime of pain and struggle. On her mother’s deathbed, she learns that everything she’d ever believed was a lie. An unexpected windfall allows her to seek answers about the past while building herself a future. But trouble is brewing with her antagonistic sexy new boss.

Jaxon Roberts was a street orphan who survived and thrived thanks to the kindness of a wealthy benefactor. But when his adopted father passes away, he’s left with a major surprise: his father left a biological heir, and she’s the key to his company’s survival.

As tension and rivalry give way to love, dark shadows of the past put their future -- and their lives -- in grave danger. When Charlie disappears, Jaxon is faced with a choice…walk away and preserve the world he knows, or fight for a future with the one woman who can truly teach him what family is all about.


Jaxon’s brain shorted out when Charlie strutted across the dance floor using a wicked looking whip as a necklace. A heavy breath sawed from his lungs when she hooked one leg around a metal pipe that ran from the floor to the ceiling and exhibited extreme flexibility by arching over backward.

She glided away from the pole and faced the crowd. The seductive smile on her face held a hint of mischievousness and a lot of naughty. He dropped into an empty chair before he embarrassed himself by falling to his knees.

Her day-to-day clothes managed to cover up an excellent figure. In what Charlie was now wearing, or not wearing, she was magnificent. She didn’t have the large breasts of a typical stripper, but they were proportioned for her body. Enough to overflow a man’s hands. Everything male in him wanted to jump on the stage and wrap his jacket around her exposed body parts.

Tony stood beside him with his mouth dropped open. Jaxon’s breath became coarser, faster as he ground his back teeth together. He couldn’t do anything about the rest of the losers in the bar, but he could make his friend quit gawking.

“Beat it. I’ll wait here and take Charlie home.” Jaxon’s voice left no room for an argument.


He held up one hand to stop him. Nothing he said would help at this point. “Don’t.”

Three minutes passed like an eternity. Her movements were slow and sexy as the strobe lights glistened on her ebony hair. Each gyration sent it swirling around her bare shoulders in the gentlest of caresses. His eyes took in the sleek heels she wore and traveled what seemed like miles up shapely legs. Sweat beaded his forehead, and he used one hand to wipe it away. His face flamed when he realized her erotic dance had gotten him hard just like every other pathetic loser in the place.

The spectacular performance was marred by a single misstep at the end when he expected her to fall face first into the audience. Who knew what she would do next? He moved closer to the raised area in case he needed to catch her. The song ended, and she headed backstage to loud clapping and whistling.

“Bring the big girl back,” an inebriated patron yelled and waved a fistful of dollars.

Jaxon clenched his fists and wondered if anyone would even notice him dropping dead from a burst blood vessel. Reaching the limit of his control, he swore to the heavens above, he would climb the stage and carry her out if she tried to do another number.

An hour later, he leaned against his truck and waited for her to appear. She walked out the back door and the bouncer said something to make her laugh. He knew the second she spotted him because her stride slowed to the shuffle of a naughty child.

About the Author

Bess George lives in Texas with her hubby and kids. Even though Bess crunches numbers for a living, she’s managed to work in some unusual places over the years. The oil business, a gun range, and a golf course are a few jobs where she met all types of characters. She loves to hear stories about people finding the unexpected hero inside each of us.

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Royals Series Promo Blitz

Paranormal Romance
Date Published: March 2015

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Daniella Clark has lived blissfully unaware of her heritage, but as her true nature reveals itself, a need rises that she cannot control. Her sexy-as-sin neighbor, Owen, eases her carnal heat and introduces her to a world she never even suspected existed. 

But the weretiger prime, Erick, wants her for his own. And he is more than willing to fight his second-in-command for the woman he claimed the moment he laid eyes on her luscious form. He will do anything to protect his people, and their future rests in Daniella’s hands.

Even as Daniella revels in the sensuality of the weretiger males, she fights to maintain her sense of self. But when old enemies arise, the battle for her heart isn’t the only fight they must face. And Daniella will have to decide how much she is willing to risk for the men who want her for their mate.

Claiming Their Royal Mate: The Collection includes all four parts of the sensual, m/f/m series. The story contains steamy scenes with two tiger shifters, a smidgeon of violence, and lots of dirty talk. Happy reading!

About the Author

Tiffany Allee (aka Andie Devaux) writes sensual romance stories. When she’s not writing (or reading!), she can usually be found daydreaming, hiking, or attempting a new recipe. She thinks that life should require happily ever afters. And since she doesn’t make the rules of life, she instead applies this philosophy to the worlds she can control – the ones in her books.

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Friday, November 4, 2016

Heart Of A Savage

Romance – NA, Sports, Urban
Release Date: December 20, 2016

Bailey O'Malley has spent her whole life catering to others. Her introverted and nurturing personality wouldn't allow her to do anything else. She used to enjoy it. Taking care of people made her happy. Until her father died. Nothing mattered after that. In an attempt to protect her, her father gave Connor, her boyfriend, too much leeway and ended up trapping her. Connor was supposed to protect her, be her rock - some rocks need to be tossed as far away as possible. She only has one source of happiness now, her son, and if Connor doesn't get his way he'll take that joy from her as well.

Dominic Prince only has one mission in life: forget his past. Forget the pain, forget the drama, and forget the loss. He's guarded and secretive and that's the way he likes it and he was doing a damn good job of keeping it that way. Until her. Bailey showed up and his life became a minefield. He can't decide if he wants to kiss her or shake her, but he does know that he'll fight to keep her safe. He'll be as savage as he is in the octagon, outside of it.

Neither of them wants to allow cracks in their armor, but the past has a way of sneaking into the present. Their secrets will tear them to shreds. Hearts will be shattered, bonds will be broken, and what was done in the dark will come to light. Will they survive it?

About the Author

LaShanta Charles was born and raised in the small town of Orangeburg, SC. She has always been an avid reader of all genres, but Romance has always been her true love and is what inspired her to pursue a writing career. In high school, she began letting her classmates read the short stories that she would write and based off of their feedback, her passion for writing pushed her to become a published author. She published her debut novel, Lovely Lies, in 2013 and released the sequel, Lovely Lies 2, in February 2014. Her third novel, Splitting Karma, was released in October 2014. Currently, she is preparing to release her fourth novel, Heart of A Savage, with a prospective release date of December 20,2016. In recognition of her work, LaShanta was named National Black Book Festival's 2013 Best New Author and was nominated for 2013 Breakout Author of the Year through the African American Literary Awards Show. Lovely Lies was also awarded Most Underrated Book of 2013 for the Literary Scream Awards.

Currently she lives in Yelm, WA, with her husband and three children. She is pursuing a degree in English at Drury University and also serving in the US Army. Her hobbies include spending time with family, sleeping, reading, eating, and of course, writing. Her motto is “strive to excel, not to equal.”

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Majesties of Canaan: The Goliath Project Promo Blitz

Action & Adventure, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Date Published: May 27, 2016

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The next Superhero adventure installment of the Dark Spores Series from acclaimed author Chayil Champion. 

2035. It’s the dawn of a new era where power-hungry war generals are forming a New World Order. The nation of Israel comes under attack by evil Tanwar Terah, a Syrian mastermind in science and politics. Through Terah, five countries are united in order to form The Caste Republic. Under his rule, The Caste Republic uses neoteric technology to create new weapons, genetically altered beasts with super powers, and human giants - a new breed of super villains -wreak havoc and put fear into the hearts of humanity. But seven soldiers, led by Jewish-Italian Lieutenant Peter Carmoni, are released among several military sleeper teams to locate Terah and destroy his campaign before it is too late. In their journey to find the evil dictator, they are detoured and find themselves taking cover in a peculiar cave where they are introduced to Oramite, an element that changes their DNA and renders them with new super powers and abilities. Now, it is up to these seven super heroes to learn to hone their new powers and use it against their enemies in the biggest war the world has ever seen…or all will be lost.


The smoke cloud now appeared in the lobby, growing into a portal. The remaining six jumped out. Both giants stepped forth. Blessed and Aganathin, who stood at six-foot-six and six-foot-eight respectively, looked like dwarfs next to the two twelve-foot giants.

“You’re not one of us, puny people,” said one giant in his deep voice that echoed throughout the lobby.”

“No, you’re right. We’re none of you at all,” said Blessed.

At that moment, Blessed’s fists and arms became coated with the Oramite material. With all his might, he punched the giant in the mid-section, bringing him down on his knees, grunting. The giant’s face was now within reach. Blessed cocked back for another punch and broke the giant’s helmet, sending him flying into the wall, unconscious.

Slaycick saw the other giant draw his weapon and before he could get a shot off, he ran with Mach speed towards the giant slicing through his arm with his Oramite sword. The armored suit of the giants was no match for the Oramite weapons. The giant’s arm fell off with the gun still inside his hand. He screamed, and his yell could be heard throughout the whole building. Slaycick sent one more slice with his sword across the giant’s leg, severing him at both kneecaps. Blood began gushing out onto the lobby floor.

“Let’s get to the elevators!” yelled Blessed. “I’m sure there’ll be more giants and soldiers on their way.”
As they headed to the elevators, the two soldiers from outside came charging in. K’nia spotted them and hit them with two Oramite stars shot from her hands. More soldiers were running into the main lobby only to see the two giants decommissioned and on the floor. The team entered the elevator and rapidly punched in the first code. As the elevator doors were closing, Rekluse took a grenade from her hip and rolled it out the door towards the oncoming soldiers who were now firing towards the team. The doors closed as the grenade exploded.

Once they got to the underground level, the doors opened and the team stepped out with their weapons drawn. The few scientists left in the lab quickly stopped what they were doing and raised their hands. Kasitia’s voice could be heard over the COM links.

“Hey, gang. Someone radioed Tanwar. They know you’re here, and you got giants coming your way. They’re starting to open the hangar now so the aircrafts can leave. I’m going to try to halt them.”

“Be careful,” said Blessed. “We’re coming to you now.”

Slaycick took several plastic handcuffs out of his vest pockets and began tying up the scientists with super speed, then had them sit on the floor. “You all stay put now you hear?” he joked. “Now, which one you know the combination to this door?”

“We don’t need a combination,” said Blessed.

Blessed walked up to the huge, steel-plated door and punched a hole in it with his fist and then pulled it off its hinges. Coming down the corridor were three huge giants with large hydrogen-powered guns aiming straight at Blessed. They fired a few shots, which he managed to dodge as he took cover to the side of the broken doorway.

“I have an idea,” said Tenan as the giants approached. He quickly created a portal in the doorway.

The giants ran through it, thinking it was only black smoke. They stepped out and found themselves falling thousands of feet out of the sky. Tenan quickly closed the portal as the group made its way down to the second elevator door leading to the underground hangar. Blessed typed in the second set of code numbers and they made their way down to assist Kasitia.

When the doors opened, the team stepped out amongst gunfire and panic. Kasitia was going in and out of shadow form, killing Tanwar’s soldiers, who were in a state of confusion. Several of Tanwar’s soldiers started firing towards the team when they entered.

“Split up and let’s finish these boys off!” yelled Blessed.

Two of the aircrafts had already taken off with the giants’ pods attached them.

“We can’t let the other carriers take off, gang!” said Blessed. “Let’s stop them and worry about the other ones later.”

“Tenan, give me three of your timed explosives,” said Slaycick.

Tenan handed Slaycick the bombs, and in a blur, he swiftly placed the three bombs on aircrafts that were preparing to take off. He ran back and hid behind a computer board, undetected. The aircraft carriers exploded and caught on fire, never having a chance to leave the ground. Suddenly, the pods opened and the other giants stepped out running from the planes that just caught fire.

The crew was now split up, fighting off soldiers and giants. Aganathin’s axe ripped through the giants as he swung with one motion. Rekluse and Tenan fought off soldiers with precise shooting and some ballistic, martial art techniques. One soldier swung at Rekluse. She blocked his punch, and while still holding onto his arm, she jumped in the air, wrapped both of her legs around his neck, and brought him to the ground. With her sheer strength, she hyper-extended his arm with a strong twist, causing an extreme fracture to his limb. She then pulled a Desert Eagle handgun from her hip and stuck it in the soldier’s mouth. Squeezing off two rounds, she then moved on, continuing to dominate enemies using hand-to-hand combat.

Soldiers from Tanwar’s army were dying by dozens. The hangar was filling up with bodies as more men kept falling.

Slaycick zoomed around the hangar, slicing down giants and soldiers with his double swords. Blessed went on a rampage with one hand on his gun, and with his free hand, he knocked out anyone who was close enough to him. K’nia shot down giants with her stars, while her sister flashed in and out of shadow form, catching her enemies off guard with deathblows and stabs to the heart. The battle lasted less than ten minutes before every giant and soldier was put down by the seven super soldiers.

“Kasitia, where’s Tanwar?” asked Blessed.

“He’s over there, unconscious. When they heard you people storm the building, he made a run for it with General Selur and the doctors. I snatched him in shadow form, knocked him out, and dragged him back behind the barrels. By that time, his men were shooting at me, so I had to begin the fight without you.”

“We’ve finally come face to face with Tanwar Terah. The dictator and leader of The Caste Republic. Finally, in our hands,” said Aganathin.

“No time to relax now. Two carriers got away, carrying ten giants apiece. They’re headed to Israel where their alliances have already been given orders to attack,” said Kasitia “We need to get to Jerusalem to notify Prime Minister Mashol and let him know we have Tanwar.”

“Good work, Kasitia. You’re getting into a habit of knocking out men. Keep it up and you’ll be single for the rest of your life,” joked Slaycick.

“Very funny,” retorted Kasitia, rolling her eyes.

“All jokes aside, because of your smart thinking, we have our guy. Let’s tie him up before he comes to,” said Tenan.

“You’re right,” acknowledged Blessed. “You did what you had to do, Kasitia. Great job.”

Tenan created a portal leading back to Jerusalem. “Let’s get back. Time is not on our side right now,” he reminded the crew.

“One sec,” said Slaycick. The speedster disappeared and reappeared in one second, carrying two scientists on his shoulder. He ran back and got the other scientists who were tied up. He also unhooked several computers from the lab and brought those back.

“We need them to learn more about these giants that were created,” Slaycick continued.  “If one doesn’t talk, we’ll make an example so the other ones will. I’m sure these computers have valuable information on them as well.”

The team entered the portal with the captured dictator, the scientists, and the confiscated computers. A brief victory was won for the moment. 

About the Author

Chayil Champion is a graduate of the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida where he double-majored in both English and Journalism while competing as a two-sport athlete in both football and track. After graduating from UM in 1998, Champion received his masters and doctorate degrees in education from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He embarked on a career in education as an English teacher and vice principal in South Florida’s Dade County and West Palm Beach County public school systems respectively before moving to Los Angeles, California in 2009.

 A native from Evanston, Illinois, a suburb that borders Chicago’s north side, Champion developed a love for writing at a young age which carried well into his adult years. After penning his first book in 2009 upon his arrival to Los Angeles, Champion has gone on to write five more books, which include the Young Adult fiction novels, Affiliated and Going Pro, both from The Lost Souls literary series. Champion also wrote Exiting The Wilderness and But He Said He Was A Christian, two nonfiction Christian self-help books. His latest book, Majesties of Canaan: The Goliath Project is a Young Adult, super hero novel. It is the first book of many within the Majesties of Canaan Superhero Series and the second book of The Dark Spores Series where Champion has partnered with best-selling authors Keshawn Dodds and Braxton Cosby to form the new superhero universe and to collaboratively pen the upcoming superhero novel Infinity 7 due in early 2017.

Outside of his love for writing, Champion, runs his own education consulting company in Los Angeles where he continues to teach and tutor students. In his free time, Champion focuses on fitness as he is a gym rat, frequents movies, and enjoys spending time with his daughter Vanessa.

Contact Links

Twitter: @chayilchampion

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Legacy of Dragonwand Book 2

Date Published: February 16, 2016

He Who Seeks Destruction, Wields Evil...

As the search for the legendary Dragonwand continues, Markus and his trio of travelers find themselves in unfamiliar territory traversing the countryside for clues to its whereabouts, while Hallond persists with his plans to rule the Kingdom. But the closer they get to obtaining it, evil lurks around every corner and even those creatures that seem the most unassuming are a threat to the group. Captain Morris persists in his effort to foil their plans of freeing Gallenor from imminent destruction, aligning himself with the Shlan. As a lighthearted romance between Markus and Crystal blossoms and Markus begins to understand his destiny, they soon learn that love may just be even more powerful than any magic ever foretold. But will their collective efforts be enough to vanquish the wicked for good?


Markus and Crystal sat in the middle of the town near a stone bridge overlooking the little crystal clear river. They felt like they were in a toy city – with everything being so small – but it was the perfect size for the inhabitants. Several Gnomes had arrived with a pair of the most exquisite shoes Markus had ever seen.

“Wow, these feel great,” Markus said, overlooking the shoes they had made for him with great interest. True, they were his old shoes – refurbished to the T – but he could not recognize them at all. Five old Gnome men fussed around his feet still shinning and dusting them off.

One old man smiled at his own reflection in the polished leather. “Yes, it was fun to work on. I can’t wait to make more.”

“Oh, I’m sure we'll be leaving soon. But, if I can come back I'll certainly make the trip for shoes of this quality,” Markus said with an appreciative grin. He turned his foot from side to side looking at the craftsmanship.

Crystal put on the shoes they brought her out of courtesy, then realized how great they were. “Markus, I’ve never worn shoes before.”

“Well, what do you think?” Markus asked, curious.

“Um, I find it very clever that they made allowances for my extra-long toe claws,” she replied.

“Interesting,” Markus said.

Crystal smiled at the old Gnome checking her shoes. “These are perfect. I do not know how we can thank you.”

Markus added, “I wish I could repay you, but all the money we had was left in the bags of our friends.”

The old Gnome craftsman gave Markus a rather sly grin. “We Gnomes do not use big people money, it would matter little to us. But, we do barter. Perhaps a trade.”

Markus wanted to say something about the fact that the King inferred that this was to be a gift, but since he did not wish to upset them – especially considering the quality of their work – he felt fine with the idea of paying. “Sure. What do you want?”

The old Gnome turned around and looked up at Crystal. “You.”

Crystal stopped admiring her shoes with a shocked expression. “Me?”

The Gnome walked over to her, as did several others including a few that had not been part of the shoe makers. Three woman formed a half circle behind Crystal, petting her tail. The old Gnome nodded. “It has been a long time since any gnome has worked with actual fur. To spin and weave it would be a gift like nothing we have had in generations.”

Crystal swallowed hard. “Uh, do you want to cut some off?”

Markus got up and closed the distance between him and Crystal, noticing that the women were combing through her tail with large toothed combs that he recognized from the spinners back in his village. “Wait, are you preparing her fur already!?”

The gnome smiled wickedly. “We want to cut the fur off and use it.”

Markus called his wand to his hand and raised it waist high. Crystal grabbed his wrist. “Don’t make a mess yet. I'm sure we can talk about this. After all, it is just fur and it will grow back. I have needed to get my tail trimmed for some time and this is a perfect opportunity.”

The Gnomes all got as excited as dogs getting to eat for the first time in days. Two women came out from another shop with large razors and eager eyes. The old Gnome continued to stare at Crystal. “The deal was we make shoes, we get fur. But, that isn’t enough.”

“What deal?” Markus asked, pulling free from Crystal and waving his wand at him.

“The King told us if we waited until sufficient time had passed and we made something important for you, then we could get the fur.” The old Gnome said this as though it was a signed contract.

Markus waved his wand over the women with the razors, “Hold off just a minute, we never agreed to anything like that. You can keep the shoes.”

Crystal stopped him again. “Markus, don’t worry. I'm fine with this.”

Markus shook his head. “I don’t know, there's something strange about this.”

Crystal grinned. “My tail might look odd for a little while, but it will grow back. Besides, these are nice shoes.” She returned to the elder gnome, “I’ll trade.”

“Not enough,” the old Gnome said, shaking his head. “The more we talked about it we realized there would not be enough fur to go around. We don’t want just this one time, we want more. MORE!” He appeared to be getting more demented as the conversion proceeded.

Markus put his hand on her shoulder. “No deal! We don’t trade people for anything in Gallenor. Especially shoes.”

The Gnomes did not like that as evident by the crowd growing more restless and murmuring louder with each word Markus uttered. A rather large mob had now congregated around the couple.

The old Gnome clicked his tongue. “Tsk, tsk, tsk. I was afraid of this.” He pointed at Markus. “We want her… we will have her. You are in our way, so we will just have to kill you and take her.”

“WHAT!” Markus pointed his wand at the old Gnome.

The man seemed unfazed by the sight of the wand and snapped his fingers. “Get them!”

The Gnomes attacked unabandondedly, showing total disregard for their own safety. Crystal cried out as a razor lifted a chunk of the fur from her tail. Markus noticed, and pulled her to her feet before they could take another swipe.  He pointed his wand at the two women Gnomes charging. “Hrinda!” A wave of simple force knocked a group of Gnomes over, including the two women. “Run!” Markus yelled and then grabbed Crystal with his free hand,  heading for a distant part of the caves.

Gnomes came out of everything, spilling into the valley of the cave like a torrential flood, with all the madness of a stampeding horde of hogs. Their eyes were filled with rage, intent to kill anything in sight. Markus was wary of using any deadly spells on them, seeing as though for all he knew, he could easily set the entire cave on fire or flood it, killing innocent Gnome children in the process; and that would do them little good. So, all he could do was toss them around with shove spells.

“How are we going to get out of here if we can’t walk through stone?” Crystal cried out.

Markus thrust his wand at another group and then continued toward the exit. “I don’t know. I guess we'll just have to blast through.”

“Stop him!” a sea of Gnomes shouted, gathering to block their way. Some wore little bows and arrows and sent a wave of arrows at Markus and Crystal.

“VEDR!” Crystal cried, and used her hand to send a blast of wind at the incoming arrows, deflecting most of them. One hit Markus in the shoulder and another simply dove into edge Crystals clothes. Markus smiled, surprised at her. She shrugged. “Hey, I grew up around arrows, I know how to handle that much.”

“That’s….INCOMING!” He looked back to see more approaching.

“VEDR STORR!” Crystal shouted again. This time, a hurricane appeared and not only deflected the arrows but sent most of the Gnomes sprawling across the ground. Even Markus and Crystal had to brace themselves against the cave walls to keep from being tossed about.

Once the wind died, Markus took Crystal’s hand again and started for a wall in the distance. “We will go out that way, I will make us an exit.”

But the Gnomes were still gathering themselves from the explosion of wind and making up ground quickly. Markus pointed his wand at the wall and was about to use the stone dust spell he used to get out of Stillwater when Crystal stopped him again. “What?”

She looked back to the Kings residence. “The bag, the Codex is in it. We still need that.”

Markus shook his head in disgust. “Seriously! We'll manage without it. I'm not going back that way.” He attempted to cast the spell when she stopped him again.

“We can’t leave it,” Crystal stressed. “It is far too important.” She started to head back when he grabbed her arm and stopped her.

“No, if we go back, they'll get you and I cannot allow that to happen.”

Crystal smiled. “I can handle these Gnomes. Don’t worry.”

Markus did not budge, maintaining a tight grip on her arm. “No, I'm not going to face Treb having to tell him I left you behind for some old book.”

Crystal’s smile had washed away. “But, I'm not worth it. Without that book there is no hope of saving all of Gallenor and that's not an equal exchange. I can live here knowing you were equipped to save Gallenor.”

Markus looked down, ignoring the charging horde. “But, what is it worth saving the world when my world will be gone.”

“What?” Crystal’s eyes were wavering.

“You are my world now,” Markus admitted, a lump forming in his throat. “I wanted to find the Dragonwand and save Gallenor for selfish reasons until I found what I loved. Now, I have a new and just as important reason to save Gallenor, you. If I leave you behind, what will I do then?”

“Yes, what will you do?” Crystal asked. 

Before he could answer, the Gnomes arrived, and it appeared that every resident of the cave city was present.

Markus blocked Crystal behind him and pointed his wand at them. “One step toward her and I will set this whole damned cave on fire.”

“No, you won’t. That would kill you and her as well,” the old Gnome said with the confidence of certainty.

Markus gnashed his teeth for a moment, then smiled and pointed his wand at the wall. “Fine, I'll take down this wall and we're going to keep running until we see light.”

“Go right ahead,” the old Gnome dared.

Markus was not sure what to make of that, but it was an opportunity and he had to take it. So he turned on the wall and shouted, “STEINN!” He cast the spell but it bounced off the wall. “STEINN!” he repeated, but it bounced off the wall once more. “What's going on?”

“You do not think we wouldn’t have methods of stopping magic at the walls. We have been hunted by imps for a thousand years, these walls are built to resist all magic. You are trapped in here until we let you leave. Give us the girl, or we will kill you and take her anyway.”

Markus stood in front of Crystal again and pointed his wand at them. “I'll take as many of you with me as I can.”

“Markus look!” Crystal put her hand on his shoulder.

He looked over to see the old King walking up to the wall. He put his hand on it and the surface rippled as if he had tossed a stone into water. “Go, now!”

Markus looked at Crystal and then at the King. Was this a trap, or was it their only chance? He had little time to think and it was the only opportunity left that did not end in a lot of death. So, taking Crystal by the hand, they ran through the wall and vanished from view.

Daniel Peyton is a fresh author whose talents includes, writing, sketching and dreaming out adventures in faraway places that he seeks to bring to paper. He lives in East Tennessee where he draws a great deal of inspiration from the unique landscape. He has been featured in short story e-zines as well as flash fiction blogs. Legacy of Dragonwand: Book I is the first book in the Dragonwand Trilogy. Outside of authoring books, Daniel is an award winning cook, artist, and embroiderer. He is a distinguished member of the Sigma Alpha Iota, and often can be found teaching classes at his church. Before he began seriously devoting himself to becoming a published author, he spent over ten years traveling the country as a member of the Miyagi Ryu Nosho Kai dance school, performing Okinawan classic and modern dances.

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Twitter: @DanPeytonAuthor

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