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Celebrate The Small Things: September 30, 2016

Celebrate the Small Things is hosted by  Lexa Cain  along with wonderful co- hosts  Writing Off The Edge  and  The Cyborg Mom . I had a bit of a tumble yesterday and am typing with a rather swollen right arm so I am struggling to remember the positives from this week, I am however celebrating that I did not break anything when I fell. I am also celebrating the cooler weather, I love pulling out my hoodies and boots.  I have such a wonderful collection. What are you celebrating this week?

Untouchable Promo Blitz

Steamy Romance Date Published : May 2015 When Army Helicopter pilot Aurelius Moore's eyes fell on isolated Vegas celebrity, Siri Wright, he was stunned by her beauty and her dance. Filled with an undeniable passion for her that he thought he was incapable of, he is devastated when she vanishes before he can consummate the deal he has made. When he sees her again in his hometown in Alabama, he realizes the extraordinary opportunity that has fallen in his lap. She is on his turf. No rules. No security protecting her. He will have her on his terms. He hunts his prey and controls the game, knowing the game has changed. He wants all of her! When Siri encounters a military man called Moore, she is caught off guard by her body's immediate chemical response to this enigmatic and reserved young officer, who is gorgeous beyond what even she is accustomed to. Not being able to restrain her flirtatious side, the confident diva, oozing sex appeal, t

The Reflection of Innocence Promo Blitz

Literary Fiction, Paranormal Fiction, Historical Fiction, Metaphysical Fiction Date Published: February 2016 If you could see the memories of every person you met would it be a blessing or a curse? John Calabrace's life has been in havoc since he was a very small child. He spends his life fighting through a flood of memories, most of which are not his own. The second he is touched by another person, he knows every memory & feeling they have ever experienced, and those memories stay permanently etched in his head. What might seem to be a wonderful gift to some, also has its dark sides. John flees college, finding solace in the Navy serving on a Navy ship and then aboard a nuclear submarine. That relative peace and isolation of submarine life is quickly taken away after being extracted and recruited into a world of espionage to unlock other secrets from around the world. Is he an angel, is he a monster? Even the military men

That Thing Formerly Known As My Life Review

A cross-country move wasn’t exactly what McKinley had in mind for her senior trip, but leave it to her parents to up and move to Rhode Island. Her senior year was supposed to be awesome, but when she ticks off popular cheerleader Taylor, it goes from bad to worse. The only good thing about moving is the mysterious, Camaro-driving, all-around-likeable Nick Phelan. But that mysterious thing that makes him so likeable is also making McKinley suspicious. Nick hides secrets. McKinley harbors doubts. Taylor bares her teeth. But dealing with moving and Taylor is nothing compared to the biggest secret of all. I thought this book was very interesting even if the plot was a bit predictable.  It did make me super hungry though, and I thought that McKinley was a touch whiny for someone her age but that did make for room for character development.   So all in all a good read.

The StoryTeller's Book Promo Blitz

YA Sci-fi/Fantasy Date Published:  November 2015 “…you must realize and accept, neither me, your mum, nor either of you are human.” Nick and Mel are 14 year old twins living normal lives with their parents. When they discover an ancient book in the attic and read from it, strange events begin to happen around them. Something has been awakened which prompts their parents to take them away to a town called Midway where they reveal to the twins that they are not human. They had been hidden on Earth, brought up as though they were human, awaiting the right moment for the truth to be told. When their parents mysteriously disappear on their first night away, they are forced to discover for themselves what their roles are in the new lives they’ve been thrown into. They struggle alone as they try to understand and balance their past human lives with their alien destiny. When the book they discovered at their home is stolen, it falls on the twins

Billionaires and Bagman Promo Blitz

Fiction, Political Fiction Date Published:  March 2016 Are you fed up with politics, payoffs, corporate mega-profits at a cost to taxpayers, immunization of white collar crime, bribes and favors guiding the decisions made by our elected officials? Have you had ENOUGH of politics? There is only one way to fix it – rewrite the rules. It can be done! Midwest Book Review “Highly Recommended” Billionaires and Bagmen: What Happens When A Small Town Takes Them On, offers a surprising solution to the question many people are asking since the Conventions: How can we take our lives back from an over-reaching government, Wall Street power brokers, lobbyist-written laws, the billionaires who buy them off and candidates we don’t like? His answer is for local governments to simply ignore Big Brother’s rules and write their own. All across America, town by town, regardless of who is president or who big money controls. It’s called Civil Disobedience

Trojan Promo Blitz

Thriller, Political Thriller Date Published: February 2016  A high-profile US based assassination was just the beginning… Victor Walker's main responsibility as Sr. Manager of White House Defense Armament Systems, was to ensure America's flagship arsenal remain up and operational, but just days after an assassination on US soil, all flagship armament systems crashed – a complete meltdown. Star Wars, Air Force One, Doomsday Briefcase and Guidance Systems were all rendered useless. With an attack by a foreign entity seemingly eminent, Victor found something didn't pass the smell test. Indicators pointed closer to home, to a rodent on the loose – to a Trojan with ties to the assassination who was now targeting his family. As he raced to bring the armament systems back online and keep his family safe, he uncovered clues indicating a mole deep within the government who didn’t want him to resolve the crisis, to someone

Celebrate The Small Things: September 16, 2016

Celebrate the Small Things is hosted by  Lexa Cain  along with wonderful co- hosts  Writing Off The Edge  and  The Cyborg Mom . This week I am celebrating getting through the week without having gone insane, which is no small accomplishment. I did not post last week due to much insanity at work but we got to go out to Fan Expo over Labour Day weekend and my daughter used her spending money to meet Andrea Libman, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy from My Little Pony.  So that was last week's celebration. What are you celebrating this week?

The Vow Promo Blitz

Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Vampire Date Published:   8/27/2016 Finals are over, and twenty-year-old Claire Matthews can hardly wait to begin summer break until…she arrives home to an army of police swarming her parents’ front lawn.  Detective Reynolds delivers the dreadful news that the man and woman inside the home are dead, and Claire is forced to identify their mummified bloodless bodies.  Her world comes to a grinding halt when she learns that it is her mother and father who are the deceased, and her younger brother, JJ, is nowhere to be found.  The predator accused…a vampire. Claire is no stranger to vampires; in fact, these days’ vamps are a dime a dozen.  One-hundred-thirty years ago a vow was made, combining the two worlds.  A vampire’s survival no longer required a human sacrifice.  Vampire Centers were created, offering human blood through transfusion; yet, why were her parents bled dry?  Why now?  What changed?  Could a

The Emerald Key Book Blast

The Emerald Key by Mark Frederickson & Melora Pineda Penny and Laci are headed for a mundane summer vacation until a mysterious journal unlocks a portal to another world and they find themselves face to face with a baby dragon. In an attempt to send their new acquisition back to its home, the girls, along with two neighborhood friends, get sucked through to a mythical world. In this land, they must battle foes seen and unseen, pushing them to both their physical and mental limits. If they fail to stop the powers they’ve unleashed, it could not only destroy this strange world, but also annihilate their own. Praise for The Emerald Key “In The Emerald Key, authors Mark Frederickson and Melora Pineda take readers on a fast-paced journey sure to enthrall not only middle-grade readers but their parents, as well. Laci and Penny will appeal to anyone looking for strong, resourceful female characters and the side characters are well-developed and hilarious, too (my favorite migh

Currently: September 14, 2016

Currently.... {I read  Jamie Morrow's  Currently every week and I always want to hop on board because it seems like such a fun way to keep you guys updated on the stuff going on in my life so here I am.} Loving... That the weather is cooling down and I can start pulling out pants, long sweaters and boots.  It's a whole wardrobe change and it feels great. Reading... Work has had me too tired to read lately, I have been so behind on all the reading.  I just finished a really great book, There Once Were Stars by Melanie McFarlane and I have other books that I want to start reading but when I get home I am so brain dead because we are changing systems that I just stare at the TV and play My Little Pony. Watching... Right now I am rewatching Gilmore Girls, almost at the end of Season Three.  I am hoping that I can hold out to finish the rewatch in time to be ready for the new ones. Listening To... Star Wars: Life Debt on Audible, I can't reme

Mystra Promo Blitz

Science Fiction/Fantasy Date Published: July 15, 2016 In the wake of the Kryllidar war, creatures of myth and legend, the elder races, and the psychically gifted fled the telepath phobic Alliance worlds in search of sanctuary. They found their safe haven on the planet Mystra. It was a paradise world, then something went horribly. A great cataclysm unleashed a storm of deadly energy that threatened to tear the planet apart. Cut off from the rest of space by a barrier of destructive force, all appeared lost. Then from despair came hope. The energies unleashed by the cataclysm had an unexpected effect. Dormant genes carried by women of an ancient Druidic line were suddenly activated, giving the women the ability to control the elemental forces of nature. The elementals saved Mystra from destruction, but their newfound power came with a price. The incredible forces they wielded, in time, destroyed them. Only by bonding with a male, who also carried the