One Million Steps July 1st Update

My first day out and trying to achieve I only made it 25,268 steps which is 6,991 short of my daily goal and it was a really active day.  That makes me a little concerned for how this challenge is going to go.

I am also worried about the fact that my Fitbit battery seems to be on the fritz, just charged it and now it is dead again.  Will have to keep a really good eye on it.  Will try to post some pictures of where my steps are on my next update.


  1. Uh-oh. That happened with my Jawbone Up, which was why I switched to Fitbit. Have you checked to make sure it wasn't your charger? It might be worthwhile to order another charger and see if that doesn't fix it...

    1. I never thought about replacing the charger. I will look into replacing that as it will be much cheaper. ;)


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