Millie's Game Plan Review

Does your life lack fun and love? Does work consume your time? Does your mother try to fix you up with her priest's middle-aged nephew?
Millie's does – so she takes a grip on her own future and draws up a plan to find Mr Right. 
When the first guy who floats her boat, Josh Warwick, doesn't meet the criteria on her wish-list she moves on to wine merchant, Lex Marshall, who ticks all the boxes. Sexy, rich and unable to keep his hands off her, he seems like the man of her dreams. But when Millie faces danger and betrayal, she wonders if her dream man might not be Mr Right after all. 

So, who will be...? 

This book was much more exciting than I thought it would be when I first started it.  I loved how Millie came up with her plan to find Mr. Right.  Such a great idea.  


  1. Sounds like a fun book! And an interesting cover for it.


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