A to Z Challenge 2016: W

We're so close to the end now that I can almost taste it.  Have you found lots of good blogs to read so far?  I have found a few as always that I will be keeping for the long haul.  On to today's review:

For nearly two years, Cade has been rejecting his Fae gift, his prescient Elsewhens―simply refusing to see or experience them. But the strain is driving a wedge between him and his theater troupe, Touchstone, and making him erratic on stage and off. It takes his best friend Mieka to bully Cade into accepting the visions again. But when Cade finally looks into the possible futures, he sees a royal castle blowing up, though his vision does not tell him who is responsible. But he knows that if it is in his visions, he can take action to stop it from happening. And when he finally discovers the truth, he takes the knowledge to the only man in the Kingdom who would believe him: his deadly enemy the Archduke.

Melanie Rawn's delightful creation of the world of Albeyn is a place where the magical races have joined with humans in a melting pot of powers, and everyone loves the theater of magic. In Window Wall, her irrepressible cast of characters mature―at least a little. Not that they'll ever settle down.

Window Wall is book 4 in Rawn's Glass Thorn Series, one of my favourite series by her so far.  Mieka has quickly developed into one of my favourite book characters, watching how he has developed and grown over the four books has been fantastic.


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