A To Z Challenge 2016: E

Have you seen anyone with a good theme yet?  Personally I am in love with my theme even though I am getting a little over the reading.

Yes, everybody loves Valentines! From mothers to sisters, brothers, fathers and grandparents to friends to making new friends, Valentines are the perfect way to say you care. This book is filled with charming illustrations of Valentines in many forms. Its sweet message of love and friendship, all in rhyme, is appropriate for everyday as well as Valentine’s Day.

Ok, today was my cheat day and I read a kid's book, not even to my kid, just on my own.  It's a sweet fun book full of lot's of love.  A great read which I think I may read again to Cat.


  1. Sounds like a fun read, Melissa. I love to read kids books. It frees the mind, especially after having read something heavy.

  2. You get to read kids' books on your cheat day? Sounds like my kinda cheat day! This one looks adorable.


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