Currently: November 4, 2015


{I read Jamie Morrow's Currently every week and I always want to hop on board because it seems like such a fun way to keep you guys updated on the stuff going on in my life so here I am.}


The walk with the kids to school in the morning, it's a great way to start the day.


Finishing off War and Peace FINALLY.


This season of Doctor Who (finally Clara get interesting!) for the most part.  Jane the Virgin here and there and movies from my childhood on Shomi.  I have discovered that my kids either really love or really hate old movies.

Listening To...

All of the radio because I have been living at work this week, and when this happens I discover that I am not fond of today's music.  Except this song:

Despite how much the video depresses me I love this song.

Thinking About...

How little time there is before Christmas, when I have guests coming to stay and I STILL haven't finished unpacking from the move.  Boxes are like decor right?


Taking the kids to the Royal Agricultural Fair next weekend, I really love looking at the cows.


For more time not at work so that I can unpack those last boxes.

Making Me Happy...

Fall leaves everywhere!  It's so beautiful out now with all the tress in full fall foliage.


  1. War and Peace? That's an ambitious undertaking! We moved in May, so I can relate to the pain of moving.

  2. That's a great list! (I'm not sure I could come up with that many things to be grateful for! LOL) I don't like today's music either. I hate to think I've just become an old fart. What do people see in it? Especially rap. No melody, barely understandable words, zero memorability. If I think of an old Beatles song, the music and words flow into my brain and I could sing it - the whole thing, perfectly. In 20 years, could young people do that with their rap and hip-hop songs? (Even pop is below par nowadays...)


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