Today's List: June 7, 2015

I'd Hate Waking Up Inside These Books:

  • Misery - Stephen King

  • Flowers In The Attic - V.C. Andrews

  • Soul of The Fire - Terry Goodkind 

  • A Game of Thrones - George R. R. Martin

  • Pet Cemetery - Stephen King

Now don't get me wrong, some of these books I really, really love.  I just don't want to wake up one day (or every day) fearing for my life.  

As a side note, making lists is fun.  It reminds me how much I love stuff.  LOVE ALL THE THINGS!


  1. It's funny that you included Game of Thrones because that was my first thought. As great as the setting is, no one is safe there - even if you're royalty there's no guarantees! I don't think I'd last five minutes in King's Landing!

  2. Pet Sematery wigged us out for any and all final resting places for critters.

    It's pretty quotable, too - another plus. "Sometimes...dead is better" is a great line.


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