Express Yourself: June 17, 2015

The Express Yourself Weekly Meme is hosted Bouquet Of Books and Entertaining Interests.  This week's topic is: Pick one of your 5 senses you find the most important to you.

Okay, so this is actually the topic from the beginning of the month but I am like always behind and I like it so I am posting it now.

I think that touch is probably the most important sense to me.  With all the sewing and crocheting and other crafting that I do I always have my hands on some sort of fabric or yarn or something and that tactile sensation is very important to me.  Not to mention all the typing and writing I do.


  1. This would be a tough one for me. I'd have to say sight and hearing (equally). I can't imagine being unable to appreciate art or music.

    Nice post!


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