Humanity's Global Era Review

Book Description:

A new era is dawning. Within less than two decades a fundamental change has taken place in our lives. Humanity, which has so far existed in one defined world, now exists simultaneously in both a real and a virtual world. We have developed a parallel universe, one that exists, is significant, powerful and even threatening. We are all present in that world, and it has practical implications for all aspects of our lives.

This book deals with the Era of the Global Individual. It describes the Global Person’s formation process and addresses the ideological, educational and leadership challenges stemming from this new reality while offering practical tools for contending with them. These tools are based on innovative research dealing with the crossroads between research on emotions and technology, and the wisdom we have acquired through the ages.


I don't read a lot of non-fiction books, they just don't tend to hold my interest for very long.  The one kind of non-fiction books I do enjoy though are books on why people are the way they are or on the human condition.

This book was a fascinating look at how the world is evolving in large thanks to the internet and the powers of technology.  There was a lot that was very thought provoking.  It was great because I do tend to read a lot of fluffy stuff (by choice) and this was a nice change.  Have to work the brain every now and again.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


  1. It's great that there are some people who are taking time to comment on all that's happening around us. We're so caught up in all of it, we don't really realize how much is happening and how it's impacting society as a whole.


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