Calorie Tracking Fun For 2015

Disclaimer: I received compensation or goods in exchange for this post.  All opinions, however, are 100% my own.

As some of you know I hurt my knee at the end of February last year and it threw off my whole excising routine for much of the year.  Okay, I'll be honest...I'm still not really back on track yet.  I am getting there slowly though.

Point to the story being that after fighting so hard to lose weight after having Cat being unable to stick with my routine threw me off and I slowly put on more weight than I care to admit over the last year.  Really does come on much easier than it works off eh?

Ever since I purchased my FitBit last year I have been in love with tracking everything and I have noticed several things.

  1. I don't drink anywhere near enough water.
  2. I am majorly sleep deprived.
  3. When I track my food I eat better.
  4. I abhor tracking apps
Enter Lose Weight Without Dieting my new favourite tracking app.

It's the most fun app for tracking food and water intake I have had the pleasure to use.  Check out the graphics,  how adorable is that stuff.  You get bonus pearls for staying on top of stuff and logging your meals and exercise.  Your water intake too.

This friendly lady here gives you helpful hints when you open the app.  For added fun her appearance changes up from day to day.  For those of you who aren't five at heart and willing to check into an app to see what your personal trainer's hair looks like today it also has helpful alarms that remind you to log food.  You can also set it up to remind you that you need to drink water, a huge help to me as left to my own devices I would exist on coffee and chocolate.

Since I started using the app my water intake has been steadily increasing.  The fact that I can see where it should be and how much I am falling short in a handy dandy chart really helps.  My favourite feature though is that it opens right up to the thing that it is telling you to do.  Need to log the water it is reminding you to drink?  It opens to that section.  Same with lunch etc.  Makes remembering to log much easier.  Also if you don't have time to log you have the option of taking a picture to log later within the app.  I like that.

The only fault I really had with it is that is doesn't sync with my Fitbit.  I am too lazy to track to my exercise twice.

It's a fun app though and can be found on Google Play.

Disclaimer: I received compensation or goods in exchange for this post.  All opinions, however, are 100% my own.


  1. oh apparently the fitbit is telling you something similar to mine. I am not sure how accurate the sleep tracking is, considering that everyone I know who has one says there sleep is tracked as bad. Oh well. Sounds like a cool app you found there. Blessings

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