Fast Five Friday: January 23, 1015

This blog hop is the brainchild of Dani and Jax over at Cover Girls and it's quickly become one of my favourites.  It's fast, in list format and I can participate as much or as little as I want. Which is cool, because sometimes life gets busy.

This week's topic is: Five TV Character Crushes.  Now you may guess that narrowing this down to five was a bit difficult for me.  The first four were easy enough but that number five spot was difficult to lock down. 

1) Spike (sigh) 

2) The Doctor (I don't really play favourites, show up at my door with the TARDIS and I'm yours....just don't tell my fiance)

3) Captain Jack Harkness (because really, who doesn't have a crush on him?)

4) Ianto Jones (perfect man, looks that good and makes coffee)

5) Constantine

The topics for the upcoming weeks are:

Jan. 23: Five TV Character Crushes

Jan. 30: Five Favorite Authors

Feb. 6: Five Novels You Wish You Wrote

Feb. 13: Five Romantic Movies You Love

Feb. 20: Five Book Characters You’re Crushing On

Feb. 27: Five Top TV Shows

Mar. 6: Five Book Characters You Relate To

Mar. 13: Five Books You Recommend

Mar. 20: Five Best Writing Songs

Mar. 27: Five Movie Character Crushes

Don't forget to go by Cover Girls Fast Five Friday post and link up if you decide to participate.


  1. Spike has always been one of my favorite Whedonverse characters. Fun to see him included in this list! :)

  2. Hum, my tv show crushes: 1. Stoney Burke when I was a little girl, (Was Jack Lord in a role as a cowboy. 2. Little Joe on Bonanza, also a little girl. 3. Keith Partridge as an adolesent. 4. The guys on Battle Star Galatica as a teen. 5. Bo Duke, in college.

  3. I only recognize Spike. This makes me feel old!


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