Express Yourself: December 29, 2014 to January 2, 2015

The Express Yourself Weekly Meme is hosted Bouquet Of Books and Entertaining Interests.  This week's topic is: re-post your favourite EYM from 2014.

This was pretty easy because I didn't start doing EYM until late in the year.  My favourite was: If you came with a warning label what would yours say about you?  My response is still: (It's something I am working on though)

I am not saying I am a difficult person to get along with, just that I don't do that fake nice stuff very well and therefore people tend to not like me.  I would say it's a flaw but if they can't handle a little honesty I probably don't want to deal with them anyway.

A second warning label would say "keep well feed" as I get brutally cranky when I am hungry.

This is a blog hop, see what everyone else's favourite EYM was here:


  1. Okay - no more nice comments for you! I've got some doughnuts(smile).

  2. If we ever meet, I'm bringing candy. Nuts or no nuts?

    (Happy New Year!)

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