Breaking Free Review

I like reading Young Adult books, I find that it's a genre that deals with a lot of life's not so pleasant subjects in a straight forward way.  Something happens to someone, they cope with the aftermath (well or not) and you get a resolution.  Sure there's stuff that happens around that but that's the basic gist of it.

Breaking Free is a beautiful example of that, you are watching Kelsie recover from the aftermath caused by the coping mechanism she chose for dealing with her best friend's death.  As you read you learn more about the situation and the people in her life.

Maybe you can relate to what she's feeling.  To what drives her to do the things that she does.  Teenagers, especially troubled ones, are driven by some pretty powerful emotions and if you have ever been there then there is a lot to relate to in this book.

I received the product mentioned above for free through Tomoson to review however all opinions are my own. 


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