Works In Progress: Grey Scarf

Once upon a time, way back when I first started blogging I used to post all the time about current projects I was working on and then I veered away from doing it because sometimes it takes me forever to finish something.  I'm sure a few of you who have been with me since the beginning may remember the Doctor Who scarf and how long that took me.  (and how frustrated I was with it)

The truth is though, I miss sharing my projects with the world and I do so many.  Especially since I started Cosplaying.  Plus if I blog about them, it forces me to take pictures of them which is something I tend not to do as much as I should.

As well, I will be posting stuff on my brand new Blog Fan Page over on Facebook.  Random pictures and stuff that don't make it on to the blog.  Nothing that you don't already see if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram but a sneak peak of stuff you will see here.  Tons more Cosplay stuff though because we all know how often that actually makes it onto the blog. 

Onto the actual post for today though, one of my current works in progress is grey scarf that I am working in double crochet with a row of windows? every sixth row to make it a little fancier.  I think it's turning out all right.

It's not the best picture, but I love the yarn.  It looks like rock but it's soft and super warm.  I am going to have lots left over when I am done the scarf so it will have a matching hat I think.  Hopefully both will be done in time for Christmas.  

Does anyone know a quick and easy adult hat pattern to crochet?


  1. I don't have any patterns because I don't crochet. I never learned how. My mom tried to teach me once. It didn't go well.


  2. Your scarf looks lovely - gray is a great choice.

    Go to and look at their hat patterns. Some are pretty easy. Enjoy your creative burst of crocheting!

  3. You're making good progress on your scarf. I'd love to learn to crochet but I can't seem to get the knack of it. I do love to knit though and I've recently discovered cross stitch as well. I enjoy sharing my projects on my blog and I'm looking forward to seeing more of yours here. :-)


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