Celebrate The Small Things

Friday rolls around again quicker than ever these days and with school having started up again I have a feeling the weeks are just going to get faster and faster.  Friday means it's time once again to celebrate the past week with Scribblings of an Aspiring Author.

My big celebration this week is that today is my co-worker Marion's birthday.  Happy Birthday Marion!  May you celebrate many more.  I could not get through the long deary days without you.

The kids are back to school and so far everyone likes their teachers and hopefully at some point they will stop bringing me home reams of paperwork to fill out.

Also in happy news, I did not give myself a concussion last night when I decided to bash my head open with the door.  I did however get to spend some lovely bonding time with my sister waiting to see the doctor.  Plus I got juice boxes on sale on the way home.  Yay bright side!

This is a blog hop so check out this links below to see what everyone else had to celebrate this week and join us to add in your celebrations.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh no! Sorry about your head and glad it wasn't worse!

  2. Ouch! My son accidentally closed the hatch on the van on my head once, full force (no, that isn't the reason I'm this way...). I felt it all the way to my tailbone; I swear I'm shorter now.

    I like your upbeat and positive comment, in spite of it all!


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