Cat's Library Review: Scooby Doo! Mummies at the Mall

 With Cat starting Senior Kindergarten this year and a hyper focus on her learning ALL THE THINGS in order to be able to be able to make it into Grade One I thought I would add a fun new addition to the blog where we followed along with her progress.

One of the things we were looking forward to most this year was seeing if she could get big kid books out from the library at school instead of the ones that come with one word on the page.  I am a firm believer if they don't hold their interest, they won't help them with reading.  For her very first library day she chose Scooby Doo! Mummies at the Mall because we have been watching Scooby Doo! on NetFlix.

My favourite things about this book was the activities that were included to encourage the young reader to participate actively in the book.  We are big fans of active participation in our house.  Cat's favourite part of the book was King and Queen.  

It's definitely a fun silly read and overall we give it two paws up.  


  1. We instilled a love of books and reading in our own children at a very young age. What a tremendous help that was as they went through school! Sending my best to your Cat for a year that is fun and filled with learning!

    1. I am a lover of books and it makes me happy to watch my kids learn to embrace reading.

  2. I don't understand Senior there a Junior Kindergarten?

    When I went to school, Kindergarten was not required; when my older kids went, it was a half day and by the time the third one went - I homeschooled.

    Raising a reader is like the ultimate gift.

    1. I wish I could homeschool Cat, Ace isn't so bad because he is in French Immersion so it's a different caliber of learning but Cat struggles with boredom and I don't want her to lose her love of learning.

    2. Oh, and yes there is a Junior Kindergarten. I don't really understand the point of it either. Socialization for the kids who's parents don't send them to daycare maybe? Free babysitting? A year of me listening to how the kids would have rather been at daycare with their friends actually learning stuff?


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