Throwback Thursday: Friends

One of the things I often notice when I go through my collection of pictures is that I don't have a lot of pictures of myself.  It's not an ingrained habit for me to remember to force my friends to take pictures when we are together or my family either but it is very important.  

A part of the reason why I started to do the Throwback Thursday posts was to remind myself of that so that I take more pictures with the people I love.  Even if the moment isn't picture perfect, because one day it will be.  

Today's picture is one of me and one of my closest friends from my cousins birthday party a couple years ago.  We don't get as much time to hang out as we used to because of how our lives have changed but we try.  

Do you remember to take pictures when you can? 


  1. I love to take photos and I think that for that reason I rarely end up in any of them. I'm always the one with the camera so unless someone else is taking pictures too then my face never ends up in front of the lens. Plus I do not look good in photos very often so I avoid getting my photo taken whenever possible!

  2. Your smiles tell me you really are the best of friends. How sweet!


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