Getting Back Into Workout Mode

I have finally been cleared to start easing myself back into working out after injuring my knee.  It's a huge relief to me as since I first injured my knee in February I have not only gained ten pounds but also lost any muscle tone I ever had.  (that bothers me more than the weight)

I needed something hard enough to challenge me but easy on my knee or adaptable to be easy on my knee which instantly ruled out everything in my extensive workout DVD collection.  Enter my sad face, I tried to adapt one of the easier Yoga Booty Ballet  workouts to my needs but that did not go well.

So as more than 75% of my collection is from BeachBody I headed over to their website and went on the hunt for something low impact.  During that hunt I found several things that I would love to check out when I am back to 100% but I decided to check out Slim in 6 as it says it is low impact.

I did the first workout yesterday and I was really pleased with how challenging it was, there were parts I couldn't not make it through.  Yet, I am not quite dying from it today.  I feel ready to try it again, which is a good sign.  


  1. No physical therapy? PT can really help and you don't want to do the wrong thing and injure your knee further. There are specific exercises and they do help.

    1. I am going through physical therapy and have been cleared by my doctor and therapist for low impact exercise and given a specific list of what to avoid doing.

  2. Awesome! I've heard of beach body. Sounds like a pretty intense workout, though. I wonder if they have a water aerobics version of beach body that would be easier on your knee!

  3. Let me pat you on the back and say "well done." It's hard to come back after an injury, and it's no small task to jump on that bandwagon. You go, girl.



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