Celebrate The Small Things

This week I am in a very celebratory mood because I FINALLY had my MRI done on my knee on Wednesday.  No results yet but soon, soon.  Which means every little thing makes me super happy.

In other fabulous news my friend Candice invited me to a 'white out' party on July 19 which is some sort of event where you have to wear all white.  Since I own absolutely nothing white this gives me the perfect excuse to buy this dress I have had my eye on for weeks but didn't want to buy (even though it was really affordable) because I never wear white.  YAY!

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  1. I hope everything works out okay with your knee! It's always better to know what's wrong than not. Enjoy your shopping for your white out party...I never wear white either so I'd definitely have to find something if I was invited to something like that.


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