The Amber Spyglass Review

Out of the three books in the series this one was my favourite, but it didn't really get to be interesting reading until almost the end.  In fact, the only reason I pushed through on reading it was school is almost out and Ace needs reading material for summer break.  And for some reason these books are on his radar.

There were a lot of parts in this series where I felt things didn't pull together and I got to the end feeling like there was more than one loose end.  Not my favourite feeling at the end of a book.  I did like the end though, I hate sappy, happily ever after endings when they don't fit into the story so this was brilliant on that front.

I loved Lyra's growth through the series as a whole, great to watch.  I'm a little more iffy on the development of some of the other characters.  In some spots I feel they really act out of character with little to no warning or reasoning, which is jarring for a reader.

I can sense there's going to be a great deal of heavy theological discussion going on in my house this summer once Ace reads this series.  I hope I am up to that challenge.


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