Iggle Tea Swap

I recently participated in a swap over at the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club that I was super excited about.  Now, I know I get pretty excited about all of them because I love getting mail, and I love sending mail, and I really love putting stuff together that will hopefully make people happy.  This one however was for tea and well that's right up there with books, stickers and craft supplies as far as my addictions go.  (over the top)

This wonderful package is from Alex, a fellow Canadian.

This yummy package came from MsDuh, and came equipped with snacks for the tea.  The teas included were Everyday Wellness Tea and Siberian Fireball Tea both by Lind's Blends on Etsy and Cinnamon Plum Tea from Spice and Tea.  I am super in love with the matching card and pencil, so adorable.

This package from Isobel in Scotland was full of yummy ginger teas and a gorgeous postcard.  I love ginger and the Lemongrass, Ginger, Cirus tea was SOOOOO good.  (it smell great all day too, as I spilled some on my clothes and had to wear it)

This tea came all the way from Rosa in Denmark.  The paper she wrote the accompanying note on was all sorts of heavenly.  The teas she sent were Cinnamon, Cardamon and Ginger tea which sounds neat, Chamomile and Vanilla  which sounds divine, Green Tea with Cranberries and Licorice Root which sounds interesting and Dandelion which I am looking forward to trying.

There's a couple more to ramble about but I will make another post.


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