Cat is Five

I can't believe that my little tiny baby is five.  It seems like just yesterday she was born, a tiny little scream bundle of hair.  Now she growing up faster than I can handle, now it's piercing her ears and school yard squabbles, I don't want to contemplate what will come next.

Cat came almost a week late and she has been determined to make her own path ever since.  You know when your parents tell you as a teenager just you wait until you have kids?  Cat is that child for me, she inherited her mother's stubbornness, temper and mischievous spirit.  Probably a few other things that haven't come out yet too.

She looks like such a little mischief maker in this picture, it's hard for me to believe she was ever this small now.  She still gets that look though.

This is her first birthday picture, done by my beautiful friend Melanie at MMP Photography.  (seriously if you are in the GTA and have kids or are expecting kids go check her out, great photographer)  I made the outfit, one of my favourite colour combinations.

Another silly monkey picture, there are so many of them.

She's a huge fruit and vegetable lover, one of the healthiest eaters I know sometimes.  I don't know where she gets that from but I am proud of her for it.  Her school lunches are some of the easiest to make at this point because it's basically just throw berries or grapes in containers, add yoghurt and crackers, cheese and juice and we are good to go.

When she started Junior Kindergarten at the beginning of the school year it was heartbreaking for me because it was the start of her growing up.   Then over the course of the last week she lost two teeth, turned five and got her ears pierced.  I am not ready for her to be this grown up yet.

I kind of want her to be the little girl who likes to dress up forever.

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