The Cephalopod CoffeeHouse: May

This month's book is 'Alice the Fairy' by David Shannon.

Despite the fact that I am reading several different books, the only ones I have actually finished are the shorter ones I read to the kids at night before bed.  There are many of those that I really love but this one is new to our house so it get picked for me to talk about.  (also I love fairies)

We spend a lot of time in book stores, usually before or after movies, and as we have kids and know kids we usually gravitate to the kids section.  Live in the GTA and see two occasionally well dressed adults reading each other books  and giggling in a bookstore that's probably us.  If these books are good they usually find their way into the collection of one of the many children in our lives.  If not our own then a niece or nephew, a friend's child or a birthday party gift.

This one came home to Cat because I loved how fun it was.  I am a big fan of books that make kids want to read and be silly.  Heck, I'm a big fan of being silly.  I, like Alice, have a long way to go before I get some of those advance fairy powers but that hasn't stopped me yet.

If you have a little one or if you know a little one I highly recommend this book.  Find it, read it and then make some fairy wings and a wand and have some fun.

Make sure to visit the others participating by dropping by The Armchair Squid as that is where the list lives. Happy reading!


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