H is for Hell

The idea of Hell is one of those things that varies it's mythology from religion to religion.  In most cases it is a place of torment, punishment for the sins we commit in this world.   To me as a relatively non-religious person, looking at the world around me I find it a lot easier to believe in Hell than in Heaven.
Linear religions often depict Hell as being endless whereas in cyclic religions it is a stopping place between incarnations.  Other traditions merely consider Hell as a neutral place, a housing for the dead so to speak.  Regardless I learned some neat things about some of the mythology surrounding Hell and I would like to share them with you:

1) Though the word Hell generally brings to mind visions of fire and brimstone a number of religions including Buddhism and early Christianity also include portrayals of Hell being a cold place.

2) In Ancient Egypt a guilty person was taken by a 'devourer' and would be subjected to terrifying punishment and then annihilated.

3) The Mayans have an underworld of nine levels of hell, the worst of which is also of course the lowest.


  1. mythology and visions of hell endlessly fascinate - not sure which I would prefer freezing or boiling - as I don't belief in eternity it's a moot point anyway:) Glad you're continuing all the best:)

  2. As one who is a believing Christian, my concept Hell is eternal separation from the Love of the Creator God.

    In earthly terms I might compare it to a child in school being aware that a party is being thrown and it's going to be the best, the most wonderful party that's ever been held. Then I find that I can't go along with a lot of others. Knowing that everyone at the party is having a good time I feel dejected, alone, sad, and separated. We who are banished cannot console one another because we have no cake or ice cream, no fun games, no party gifts, or any of the other good things the party-goers have.

    In the scenario of eternity the party lasts forever and so does the banishment.

    I know it's rather simplistic, but that's my simple example. I have actually trivialized the concept, but this is a comment and not intended to go into great depth. And it's only my opinion.

    Anyway, hope you're doing better and we see more A to Z posts.

    Good luck with the Challenge!

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