Last Week I Went To A Book Launch

Last Monday I went to my very first book launch,  which was kind of neat.  It was in this quaint, cozy little bar downtown called No One Writes to the Colonel which is a great space and somewhere I would love to visit again.  As you may have guessed from poking around here I'm not usually the type to go to these types of events, you know, ones with people where I can't hide behind a costume.

However, the author of this book (which is a collection of poetry), Niki Koulouris, is a friend of Mike's and he is very big on the we should go out and do this thing.  Anyhow, I am glad I went as it was a lovely evening full of nice people and poetry, and how often do you get to hear poetry read by the author?  Er, scratch often do you get to hear GOOD poetry read by the author?

The book in question is titled The Sea With No One In It and as I mentioned the author is Niki Koulouris who writes brilliant poetry.  You can pick her book up here if you like that sort of thing and want to check it out.  It has some pretty awesome cover art too.



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