How Many Books Have You Read Off This List?

I got this email from Chapters/Indigo today..12 book to read before you turn 12.  Of course I was dying to know what they thought the essential kids books were and whether or not I was in agreement.  Turns out I mostly am, there are only I few I would add to the list. (most of these I love as an adult)

Their list:

A book I have read many times this is high on my list of all time favorite books, easily in the top hundred.

I love this book so much I have multiple copies of it.  I have both the Philospher's Stone and the Sorcerer's Stone because there's a difference and I am crazy like that.  Also have it in French for Ace.

Now, this one I haven't read but it is on my to read list because I have heard great things about it. I may tackle it while I am in Cuba.

Ace loves these books so much he has them in English and French.  I was not a big fan but what ever keeps them reading.

I know a lot of people who don't like these books for one reason or another but personally I love them. This one makes me cry EVERY SINGLE TIME.  My favorite is The Magician's Nephew.

This is another one on my to read list, only I have seen the movie for this one.  (cried my eyes out)

I have read everything written by Beverly Cleary and my children will be encouraged to do the same.

Dr. Seuss is a genius and this book is in my humble opinion one of his finer works.

Ok, I had never heard of this book before today but I read a review of it and now I am dying to read it because it sounds really interesting.  REALLY INTERESTING.  Should I be concerned because I am way older than 12?

I loved these books as a kid.  My son recently acquired almost the entire series from a close friend of mine and they have been a very welcome addition to his reading.

Judy Blume is another author who I just consumed as a child, and I actually think Ace will love this one.  I'm going to try to pick it up for him in French.

While it is not my favourite Roald Dahl book I do agree it's one every kid should read.  And BEFORE they see the movie as it is rich with those imagination building descriptions.

So as I said I have my own list of books I think kids should read, some of them by authors on this list in fact.  But as it got longer as the post went on I think I will make a separate post.



  1. Yikes, I've read none of these! I remember reading a Ramona Quimby book or two when I was younger, but I'm not sure if I ever read the one featured in this list. I do have the first Percy Jackson book in my TBR pile, though, so I know for sure I'll be reading that one eventually!


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